The Prayer Flag Project

Mr. Gypsy, the prayer flag guardian

I’ve had a goal of putting up prayer flags at the dairy farm for everyone I know.  I’ve been working on this project since the beginning of the month.  So far, I’ve hung approximately 150 flags since the beginning of this month.  Most of the flags are wishing people a Merry Christmas.  Some are genuine prayers.  One prayer flag is for a lady I was praying for who ended up passing away.  So, I have two prayer flags for this lady – one, praying for a miracle; the other, saying goodbye and hoping that she finally finds the peace and rest she deserves.

Rest in peace, Samantha

I still have many more prayer flags to hang on behalf of people that I know and, will continue to hang flags for them until I cover everyone on my list.  And, I will tell you that list is a very long one.  I will not rest until I have hung a prayer flag for everyone on my list!  No way!  Ok, will maybe, I will rest a little bit.

I have a special prayer flag right here for Bill and Kathy Smith.  Thank you, Bill and Kathy for Gypsy!  I will always be indebted to you both!

Bill and Kathy, thank you!

Now, you may be wondering why am I hanging prayer flags for people and, why this particular project of hanging a flag for everyone I know.  I don’t really have a good answer as to why I’m doing this.  This is just what I feel compelled to do.

Perhaps, the reason I do this is because I believe that there is no such thing as coincidence.  I believe that everyone that we meet is some how purposed in our lives.  I did not meet these people by chance.  Whether I met someone who will become a life long friend or a momentary acquaintance, there was purpose behind it.  Perhaps, that momentary acquaintance needed my prayer or my encouragement…maybe, it was the other way around – I need their prayer, their encouragement.  I believe that.

Mostly though, I feel that the purpose of the prayer flag project has been something that God placed on my heart and, He did so a couple of years ago as I was running at the rails to trails.  I believe the purpose for the prayer flag project is to bring people together regardless of who they are or what they believe.  That is what I felt was the purpose of the prayer flag project idea when it hit me back in June 2009.  Everybody can use prayer.  Everyone needs encouragement.

I even do prayer flags for dogs.  So, the prayer flag project is not limited to only humans.

Any way, I’m going to keep hanging prayer flags until I hear that inner voice telling me to stop – or, until I get arrested for littering because of hanging prayer flags at the dairy farm and at the rails to trails. 😉

If you want a prayer flag hung for you or a loved one shoot me an email at:  If you want blank prayer flags sent to you, shoot me an email stating how many you want and what colors.  I’ll snailmail them to ya.

Here is what the prayer flag colors represent:

  • Blue (symbolizing sky/space)
  • White (symbolizing air/wind)
  • Red (symbolizing fire)
  • Green (symbolizing water)
  • Yellow (symbolizing earth)

Ok, that’s it for now.  I have to shower and then spend time with my family this Christmas eve.

Peace to all of you.



Merry Christmas!

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