Picture of the Day: A Wood Stork Landing on a Tree

The picture of the day is of a wood stork landing on a dead oak tree.  I took the picture this morning as Mr. Gypsy and I hiked the dairy farm.  It was a great morning for a walk.  There was an abundance of bird activity going on at the dairy farm which just drove Mr. Gypsy crazy.  I tell ya, Mr. Gypsy goes crazy when he sees birds.  He goes after them like no one’s business.

For the guy that said in Shaun of the Dead that dog’s can’t look up this person obviously doesn’t know Mr. Gypsy.  Every time Mr. Gypsy sees a bird he barks and lunges after the birds.  Two weeks ago he took off toward a pelican that flew low over head and literally snapped in two his retractable leash!  No kidding!

Any way, there’s the picture of the day and all that good stuff.

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Happy New Years!




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