Great Run through Beautiful Daffin Park Area

Daffin Park

Yesterday I ran 7.91 miles in and around Daffin Park. Daffin is always such a lovely place to run in the spring time.  There’s always a lot of activity at Daffin on beautiful afternoons like yesterday.  I saw a lot of people running in groups.  Maybe, they are training for the RnR in November?  I don’t know.    I recognized two ladies running at Daffin.  I wish I could remember their names but I’m simply terrible with names.  I’ve seen both ladies at the Fleet Feet race stuffing parties, races and just running about Savannah.

Daffin Duck (pic taken about a year ago). Not the best looking duck but nevertheless the keeper of Daffin Park

Any way, I always enjoy running at Daffin.  I didn’t see my old friend at the park, though, Daffin Duck.  That concerns me.  One thing I could always count on when running at Daffin and that was seeing Daffin Duck hanging out by the lake that has the two big spouts (by Victory Road).  This last Winter was pretty harsh.  I hope the our cold winter (or a dog) didn’t bring a tragic end to Daffin Duck.  For years, he’s been out there just hanging out, winter, spring, summer & fall…always keeping watch of the park, always maintaining order.   Here’s hoping and praying that the little warty guy is ok. He always eyed me suspiciously every time I looped and looped and looped the park.  That’s just Daffin Duck, always keeping watch.

running past Johnny Harris

My legs were a bit achy and clunky for the first  few miles of the run but I began to limber up some and enjoyed the run tremendously.  I didn’t see much wildlife as I normally see when running at Daffin but then again, the park was full of people doing this, that and everything else.

Wildlife Inventory:

  • 1 robin
  • 10 dogs
  • 2 squirrels
  • 1 mocking bird

Police Memorial park trail

So, I started the run almost at the intersection of Waters & Washington and ran down Washington toward Bee Rd.  I followed Daffin Park trail as it rounded the corner on Bee Rd and then headed up Kerry Street.  Just before getting to the horse stables on Kerry I caught a left and cruised up Victory where I ran past Johnny Harris (famous Savannah restaurant) before ducking back toward Kerry Street and Police Memorial Park Trail.  If you haven’t ever run through Police Memorial Park, you are really missing out.  It’s a short but very beautiful trail.  There are some pretty magnificent trees in that little park.  The park trail winds through a heavily wooded area and momentarily runs parallel to the Truman Parkway before darting back into the woods and then exiting you onto Bee Road.

looking up while running through police memorial park trail

I took a left on Bee Road and caught 52nd Street over the Truman Parkway and toward Skidaway Road.  Before getting to Skidaway I ran into the old run down cemetery across the street from that school on 52nd and Skidaway.  I ran the perimeter of the cemetery and then headed up 52nd street all the way to Habersham.  I followed Habersham to Victory and then ducked into this great little park around Atlantic (I think?).  I ran between the palms until they took me to that Art’s Academy School on Washington.  I then followed Washington, then turned up some other road that took me back to Victory and then reconnected with Daffin Park on Victory and Waters.  I ran the Daffin trail and looked and looked for Daffin Duck to no avail.

these are the palms I ran between toward that arts academy on washington from victory. this is pretty cool, isn't it?

I followed the Daffin trail around to Bee Road and then cut up the middle of the park, ran around that big round-about in the middle of Daffin Park and ended my run on Victory and Washington.

The run was slow but fun.  I definitely want to do that run again.  It’s totally killer.

my 7.91 mapped run through daffin park and area

I’ve run hard three days in a row and tore it up at the gym Monday evening.  Today, I took a much needed day off from exercising.  My bikilas needed a break and a wash too.  Those things smelled like something died in them.

my bikilas at the end of my run

Tomorrow, I go back to the gym and expect to do a four or five miler afterward.  My bikilas smell like they are brand new.  So, tomorrow will be a good day to smell them up again.

Ok, that’s it for now.

Thanks for stopping by.

All the best to you and yours.




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