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Nice, eh? Especially, the bedroom mattress floating in the marsh. I took this pic off of the Thunderbolt bridge overlooking the Wilmington River.

I finally got in a successful long run.  Unfortunately, my iphone battery died shortly after I crossed the 17 mile mark.  And, with that my gps and imapmyrun app was gone.  Fortunately, the phone died when I was within sight of my house, where I initially started the run.  I had wondered how many miles I could log on my iphone before it would die.  Now, I know.  And now, I know that if I want to record and map out longer runs I’m going to have to get a battery extender for my iphone.  I’m checking out a few iphone 4 battery extenders.  I’ll buy one this week.  Hopefully, I’ll get in the battery extender in by the time I get my new waterproof iphone bag &, I do another long run.

Here are some of the Iphone 4 battery extenders I’ve been reading up on:

I’m not sure which I will buy yet.  I want to do a little more research on these.  Basically, though, I’m looking for a battery extender that can keep the iphone 4 juiced up during 30 to 50 mile runs (this could mean, 8 to 12 hours of running the gps).  That may be asking a lot but when I run an ultra I want to be able to keep the gps running and mapping my run.

Hey Look! A "Five Guys" is being built on the Island! I seldom eat beef. So, I don't know why I'm excited.

Yeah, I had to order a new waterproof iphone bag because the overboard bag I have has split.  That’s why I will not run in the rain.  As long as it is sunny I’ll run with it but it was time to get a new one.  This overboard waterproof iphone pouch lasted almost a year.  That may not seem like a very long time but considering the amount of use and abuse I put it through, I think it did quite well.  You may not know this but, I’m not your average user, or runner, or whatever.  I’m pretty extreme and hardcore.  So, if some sort of running gear lasts a year or so with me it’s a pretty darn well made apparatus.  The waterproof case I ordered online from Pocket Solutions is called “dry case“.  I ordered it last week.  So hopefully, by the middle of this week I’ll receive it.

Run the line...to keep your feet from getting baked.

Wildlife inventory:

  • 2 vultures
  • 7 mocking birds
  • 6 dogs
  • 1 cat
  • 1 red-winged black bird
  • 1 blue jay
  • 7 doves
  • 3 seagulls
  • 6 great egrets
  • 1 sparrow
  • 2 squirrels
  • 1 red cardinal
  • 1 cargo ship
  • 1 crow

So, what about the run?  It was a good run.  I felt good.  I felt strong.  And, the last mile I picked up my pace significantly and finished strong.  In other words, I could of kept on running.  The way I felt at the end of the run I could of probably pushed out another five miles, I believe.  Am I being arrogant and/or boastful?  I hope not.  I’m certainly not meaning it to come out that way.  I just felt very strong at the end of the run.

My left foot, though, the ball of the foot, was pretty tender by the time I wrapped up the run.  I still have to come up with a remedy for that.  I’m open to suggestions.  One thing during today’s run that I had to do to maintain a level of comfort for my feet was to run the white stripe line on the edge of the road on highway 80.  If I didn’t stay on the white line the bottom of my feet would get very hot and felt like they were baking.  Yeah, that was pretty rough.  When I hit a few side roads I didn’t have this problem.  It was only on highway 80 where there is no shade whatsoever and billions of cars go zooming by way too fast.  Ok, I exaggerated slightly.  There weren’t billions of cars but there were a lot and, people drive way too fast on that highway.  The cops should really look into controlling the excess speed on that road.  When you run on the shoulder of the highway and speedy cars race past you it’s pretty scary.

These split water mellons were lined up on highway 80 in front of Davis Produce. I guess they wanted to feed the crows. I was so tempted to grab one of these and eat it but I didn't want to get shot.

Speaking of drivers.  As I was running highway 80 a car load full of chumps slowed down as it reached me and a redneck looking guy leaned out of the car and threw a balled up fast food restaurant bag at me.  The jackass had lousy aim.  The bag whizzed by about 3 to 4 feet in front of me.  I wanted to flip off these guys but I didn’t.  I thought, “what would Jesus do?”  So, I shot a thunderbolt at them and blew up the car and kept on running, never losing my pace. 😉  Seriously, it just didn’t seem worth the time or effort to address adolescent stupidity.  I just kept on running.

Well, I started the run from my house.  I ran up Wessels to 38th or something like that and then, went up Downing to Victory.  I followed Victory for a block and then caught a side street to avoid the automobile traffic on Victory.  Eventually, though, I had to reconnect with Victory and hit the Thunderbolt bridge.  On the other side of the bridge I hung a louie and ran through Isle of Armstrong but that too dumped me back onto highway 80.  From there I was on 80 for awhile.  I passed Walmart, Publix, Thrive Cafe and so forth and on the other side where the Island’s expressway dumps into hwy 80 I veered to the left and vanished into Penrose street.  I had never ventured into this section of Wilmington Island.  Wow, what I was missing.  It’s beautiful back there…and, shady.  Some times, shady is good.  On a hot day like today, especially at 3:00pm, shady was great!

I ran to the Bull River and then turned around. This was the old bridge to Tybee Island. Back then they called it Tybee highway. Whatever.

Eventually, all good things must end and, I found myself back on highway 80.  I went over another bridge and ran to the Bull River.  At the Bull River, I snapped a few pictures turned around and started my return.  I took a 5 minute break at the Chu’s gas station on highway 80 and Johnny Mercer Blvd.  I bought a powerade and a bottle of water.  I always carry $6.00 with me inside of a small ziplock bag in my Nathan pack’s pouch.  I downed the powerade in no time and consumed a raspberry flavored powerbar gel.  It wasn’t bad.  I refilled my water bottles and drank the excess water and started my run again.

Replenishing my fluids at Chu's on highway 80 and Johnny Mercer blvd.

I continued running highway 80, happily heading back home.  It took me awhile to get back home, though.  I had to cross two bridges over two rivers and cover lots of very hot asphalt with very fast drivers zooming past me.

I ate this popsicle at the end of my 17 mile run. Yes, I know my feet look nasty.

By the time I finished the run I had consumed one power gel, one bag of sports beans, one 32 ounce bottle of powerade, 80 ounces of water and six electrolyte caps.  I took one cap before I started the run and one every 30 minutes until I had consumed six.  I think I finally timed the electrolyte cap intake just right because I never suffered any stomach maladies during today’s run.

Because my iphone died before completing my run I do not have a mapped run.  I’m counting today’s run as a 17 miler because that was the last mile report the imapmyrun app’s sexy lady called out.  Yeah, a sexy female voices gives me a mileage report after every mile.  It’s pretty nifty.  It will also freak out people that you run past some times when this sexy lady speaks to me. 😉

This has been a very, very long blog.  I’m sorry for the length of it!  I got carried away with it.  I’ll try not to let it happen again.

At the turn-around with the Bull River behind me. This was a little over 10 miles into the run.

Ok, thank you so very much for stopping by and taking the time to read this book.

I wish you and yours the very, very best.




Saturday, 11:44pm

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