Treadmill Running & Rain

at the end of the treadmill run


Yesterday I did a 6 mile treadmill run in my vff’s.  It was quite a challenge to keep my focus long enough on a treadmill to complete six miles.  If I had not been watching Iron Man 2 on netflix via my iphone I believe I would have perished.

Although, yesterday’s treadmill run was in vff’s from now until the CrematorUltra 50 the majority of my runs will be with conventional running shoes.  At this point, I just have serious doubts that I can complete 50 miles in my bikilas.  I wish I felt more positive about doing this race in my vff’s but all of the running blogs I’ve done for the past month seem to say the same thing – I’m just not prepared to run 50 miles nonstop in vff’s.  I mean, just squeezing out 17 miles on my vff’s kills my feet.

I know that I can do 50 miles in my Mizunos.  My feet will not be pretty at the end of the race in Mizunos but I know I could complete the distance in them.  I guess the word “pretty” is not the right word to use in reference to my feet unless it’s to say that, “those are pretty much the most disgusting feet God has ever made.”  My feet are gnarly, hairy, and heavily calloused.  Most of the times, the toenails of both of my big toes are missing or black as night, especially when I run in conventional running shoes for a long period of time.

stretching at the y before my 6 mile treadmill run

Wildlife inventory:

  • people, that’s all I saw since I was inside the gym.  I’m not sure if I should classify people as wildlife.

What I’m actually leaning on regarding the CrematorUltra 50 is starting the race in my bikilas and when my feet begin to give out due to discomfort (like in the balls of my feet), I’ll switch over to the Mizunos and wrap up the run in them.  Why would I even want to try two different types of shoes during this race, you may ask?  Because of the blister issues that I have with conventional running shoes.

When I ran the Boulder 100 back in 2008, my feet were so dang blistered!  I’ve never, ever had so many blisters on my feet as I did during that race.  If you saw the movie, Run Fatboy Run,  you will most certainly remember the blister scene, right?  That was pretty disgusting, wasn’t it?  My feet had giant blisters like Simon Peg had in that movie.

classic scene!

I seldom get blisters with vff’s.  If I didn’t have the callous problem at the balls of my feet I know that I could complete the run in vff’s but that calloused section of the balls of my feet cause tremendous discomfort as the mileage adds up.

So, this weekend I’m doing a couple of long runs and both will be with conventional running shoes.  I’m going to go for 25 miles on either Friday or Saturday.

Mr. Gypsy at the dairy farm with me today. He's a little sick, I'm afraid.

Tonight, I planned to run outside after work but my dog, Mr. Gypsy, is ill with diarrhea.  So, I took him for a walk at the dairy farm but then the bottom fell out and we sought shelter under concrete canopy of the old and dilapidated dairy farm structure.  We stuck around for an hour and then made a mad dash for my car.  My car, my dog and myself were soaked to the bone.

Mr. Gypsy waiting for the rain to stop

I am now cooking Mr. Gypsy some white rice to see if that makes him feel better.  So, no run tonight, unfortunately.  It’s still raining!

I took a lot of pictures while waiting out the rain at the dairy farm.

the old dilapidated dairy farm

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Wednesday, 8:59pm

PS: It’s still raining…

raining at the dairy farm this afternoon. That's my car

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  1. 2011/06/30 at 8:45 am

    Hey Dan, I don’t see why you can’t change shoes in the middle of a race. I’ve done it before and as long as your comfortable in them both I don’t see any reason it would be a big deal. A few tips to help with your blisters 1. get a free sample of ENGO Blister Patch at 2. Have you ever tried Drymax Socks, they work pretty well for most people. check em out here happy running.

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