A Very Short Run, a Storm and the Dairy Farm

the dairy farm as i ran it & a storm encroached.

Thursday went by way too fast.  I had hoped for a 12 mile run but instead had a very short 3.5 mile run.  I had taken the day off from work to get a lot of things taken care of for my visiting family.  You see, my brother, Sam, is getting married this weekend and there’s a lot of family coming in to town.  So, not much of a run today.  On Friday, though, I have already cleared it with all of my kin that are in town that I will be cutting out for a couple of hours to get at least a 12 mile run in.  It will happen come rain or snow!

Thursday was another miserably hot day.  We’ve had 50-something days straight with temperatures reaching over 90.  Add the humidity and the horrible mosquito infestation we have and it’s just not much fun to run in Savannah as of late.  I know that I’ve said in the past that I like running in the heat but I have finally reached my threshold with heat.  I’m tired of it.  And, this mosquito problem is just outrageous.  Normally, running will keep the mosquitoes away but not these.  This season’s pesky mosquitoes will chase you down & suck you dry!  The dairy farm, the rails to trails and my backyard are thick with buzzing mosquitoes.

By the time I started my run a storm was brewing.  I wanted it to remain hot and muggy (for the training) but in the back of mind I had hoped for a torrential downpour because we need the rain and, I wanted the rain to cool me down.    As I was wrapping up the run a car pulled up slowly by me and the sweet young doctor Jenny said, “you better hurry!”  Rain threatened to come down the entire run but never came.

the rain never came but it threatened to the whole time.

At the end of  the run the temperature was 86 degrees and the clouds were thick and dark.  I took a picture (above) at the dairy farm that gives you a good idea how threatening the weather looked.

Wildlife inventory:

  • 6 mocking birds
  • 9 fiddler crabs
  • 2 dragon flies
  • 4 dogs
  • 2 cats
  • 2 great egrets
  • 1 crow
  • 4 doves
  • 1 wasp

one of the well known entrances to the dairy farm

I started the run out my front door and took a left on Wessels.  I then took Altman around a ways and got back on Wessels, crossed Bonaventure and hit 37th to Herbet.  I then took Herbet to Kansas and then entered the dairy farm from a side entrance.  I followed an old jeep trail in the dairy farm that took me to a sandy clearing in the marsh.  At the far corner of the clearing is a narrow trail that takes you to the prayer flags.  As I ran the trail I had to be careful not to step on any fiddler crabs that darted back and forth from nickel sized hole to hole.

As you work your way up the trail tall grass that looks like corn encroaches heavily on you from either side of the trail’s edges.  A few feet to either the right or left are creeks that depending on the tides will have water either far away from the trail or lapping at your ankles.  The young, pretty doctor Jenny has told me that she has seen a dolphin and an alligator in these creeks as she’s hiked this trail to the prayer flags.  Yeah, no lie!  This is dangerous terrain.  One false move can have you at the mercy of an alligator or an ill-tempered dolphin.  Not a nice way to go, I would think.

this is the secret passage to the dairy farm but you will never find it.

I ran to the prayer flags and hung a few more before heading back out.  Instead of exiting the dairy farm from the two well-known entrances I decided to exit it from my secret passage.  Nobody knows about this secret passage.  It’s a total secret that I only know.  I will tell you, though, that it’s near the canal and Bonaventure road and the Bonaventure cemetery.  Don’t try to look for it fore you shall never find it.  The passage only opens up to me because I have been deemed worthy by the lady of the dairy farm.  Who is this “lady of the dairy farm?”  Follow the narrow, broken path and ye shall be confronted along the way by lady of the dairy farm.  She will ask you three questions.  If you get them right she will show you the secret passage.  Get them wrong and she will turn you into a tree of despair.  I’ve seen it happen.  Not a pretty picture but the tree you get turned into can be pretty cool looking.  Actually, the tree pictured at the very top of this blog was once a man that answered all three questions wrong.  Now, he’s a tree that points the way to the prayer flags for eternity…or until it gets chopped down to make way for a new starbucks.

So, I took the secret passage out of the dairy farm and ran up Bonaventure Road to Georgia ave and then to my street and home.  It was a short muggy run but good.  I then showered and went hung out with my family for most of the evening.

the prayer flags blowing in the winds of an approaching storm

I just remembered that I had said on Wednesday that I would give details on the CrematorUltra 50 on this blog.  Oops! :/ I meant, Friday evening’s blog.  Ok?  Cool.  Thanks.

Thank you so very much for stopping by.

All the very best to you and yours.





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