Cremator, Tomorrow We Dance!

204 is the number to be on the look out for


The night before Cremator and all through the house,
I was scarfing down food and busy as a mouse…

A poet, I am not but tonight, I’m tying up loose ends and preparing for the CrematorUltra 50.  I’m leaving the house at 5:00am to drive to Hilton Head Island.  At 6:00 am, the weigh-ins begin.  At 7:00am, the race begins.

The pre-race meeting this evening was great and incredibly informative.  Yesterday’s heat index was 116.  Today’s heat index was 110.  What will be Saturday’s heat index?  Let’s hope for 4o degrees.  That probably won’t happen, though.  Let’s hope anyway.

It was good to see the racers I will be running with tomorrow and it was good to see Tim Waz and the other race officials.  Tim Waz is not only the organizer of this race but will be racing as well!

Tim Waz giving details on the race

How will I execute this race?  Good question!  Here are some possible finish times with the paces needed to be kept in order in those time frames:

  • For a 12 hour finish time my pace should be: 14:24 minute per mile
  • For an 11 hour finish time my pace should be: 13:12 minute per mile
  • For a 10 hour finish time my pace should be: 12:00 minute per mile
  • For a 9 hour finish time my pace should be: 10:48 minute per mile

I will focus my pace between 12 & 13 minute miles.

For every stop I may -be it restroom, check-in, stretching, eating – I will have to pick up the pace for a while to maintain the 12 to 13 minute pace – that will be difficult because it may mean running several miles at a 9 minute mile pace to average out a 12 to 13 minute for the finish.

fuel for the race

This is the first race that I’ve approached with a big question mark over my head.  I just don’t know if I will have what it takes to safely complete the 50 miles.  The heat will be the biggest factor in this race.  My record of running in the heat is less than admirable.  Still, though, with a strong will and heart, I go after this goal.

I am going out there tomorrow to run 50 miles.

Say a prayer for me, please.

my brother, Sam, and his wife, Delora, will be crewing me tomorrow

Thank you so much for stopping by.

All the very best to you and yours.





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