Picture of the Day: Squabbling Dairy Farm Crabs

Mr. & Mrs. Dairy Farm Crabs

Picture of the day is of two little crabs that live at the dairy farm.  Not much is known about these two except that they are married and, will occasionally have disagreements with each other.  On the day that I took their picture they had been squabbling a bit.

The young lovely lady felt that her hubby was not pulling his weight around the house hold chores.  So, she chased him around the marsh and cornered him in a hole in the ground.  Very frightened, the husband remained immobile in his hole except for his darting little eye watching every move his sweet young senorita made.

Ahh…the life and times of crabs…

I took this picture at the dairy farm in the open marshy area where the TimBurtonTree is at.  I shot it with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS10 using a macro setting.  This is the camera that I take along on all of my runs.  It’s a sweet, light weight,  little 14 megapixel camera.

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