A Run Across the Savannah River and a Boat Ride Back

the biggest hill in savannah, the talmadge bridge

Today’s run was supposed to be 20 miles but instead was 9.  Yeah, I started the run way too late in the day and the temperature was an unpleasant 88 degrees.  Had I started the run at 8:00am like I had planned the day before I believe the twenty miles would of come somewhat easy.  Unfortunately, things happen and you have to attend to these mishaps.  So, this morning I had to deal with re-washing all of my clean laundry that was on my bed because my dear cat, Texas, decided to make my bed and laundry her toilet.  She pee’d and pooped all over the bed and laundry the day before.  I had to run to Target and buy lots of vinegar to wash my clothes with and kill the cat urine stench.  I then had to re-wash all the clothes again with laundry detergent to get the vinegar smell off the clothes. It was disgusting.  I sprayed down the mattress with lysol and fabreeze and aired out my bedroom all day.  Now, the clothes smells good but the mattress still reeks of cat urine.  I may have to replace it, I’m afraid.  I won’t be sleeping in my room for awhile.  Texas is not welcome in my house.

By the time I was ready to run it was almost 1:30pm.  At that time of the day, with the heat at 88, I was not going to attempt a 20 mile run.  So, I decided that today would be a good day to knock out 8 to 10 miles and just have fun with it.  On Sunday or Monday I can do the 20.  I’ve taken this coming Monday and Tuesday off of work.  So, doing the long run on Monday will not be a problem.

I truly enjoyed today’s run.  I drove to Forsyth Park in downtown and parked across the street from the Sentient Bean and Brighter Day.  I snapped on my Nathan two-pack with camera, 2 gels, $10.00 cash and 4 electrolyte caps and headed up Drayton toward Oglethorpe Ave, the road that would take me to the Talmadge Bridge and into South Carolina.

cool architecture

Running downtown Savannah is always such a treat.  If you live here or have visited then, you know what I mean.  Downtown Savannah is just beautiful.  And, on sunny, hot days like today the young women are out jogging or walking and that becomes a very nice distraction.  Not to mention, that the architecture in downtown Savannah is also beautiful and a pleasant distraction as well.  The bottom line is that when you run in downtown the run will turn into a delight for the eyes.  Having a camera during a run in downtown Savannah is a must.  I took lots of pictures!  I took more pictures during this run than I’ve ever taken on any other run.

some of the nice homes in downtown savannah

Now,  before I go on let me clear something up…I took pictures only of buildings, plants, homes, Savannah River, boats and, myself.  I don’t take pictures of women I don’t know.  That would just be creepy and immoral.  So, if you were hoping for pictures of women, – sorry, it didn’t happen.

There was a lot of activity in Forsyth Park (not unusual) but I think today’s ‘more activity than usual’ had to do with ongoing Jazz Festival that’s running through Sunday.  There was also the Farmer’s market at Forsyth which is always cool to check out.  But, I didn’t have time to check out any of that stuff.  I was on a mission.  And, that mission was to run the Talmadge bridge and touch South Carolina soil.  And, I’m happy to say that I succeeded in that mission.

on the talmadge bridge

I then ran back into Georgia and instead of running the Talmadge bridge again I decided to venture into Hutchinson Island and run to the convention center and the Westin Hotel.  I ran once around the Westin and stopped at the entrance of the hotel and asked the doorman if there was a water fountain where I could refill my water bottles at.  These guys were kind enough to load me up with ice cold bottled water!  I chugged down two bottles, filled both of my water bottles and used another water bottle to pour over my head and cool me down.  I then ran to the back of the hotel again, where the Savannah River is and waited about ten minutes for the water taxi to come back to this side of the river.  The water taxi runs pretty much all day from River Street to the Westin Hotel, back and forth.

art at the sentient bean

The boat ride across the Savannah River was fun but most people on the boat kept a good distance from me.  I imagine they kept their distance because I probably smelled like sweaty ass.  I got off the boat and ran up River Street until Lincoln St.  I followed Lincoln, ran through Colonial Park Cemetery and turned right onto Gaston.  I followed Gaston to Forsyth Park turning left on Whitaker and then another left on Park Ave and, to my starting point, the memorial to the Georgia veterans of the Spanish American War, right across the Sentient Bean and Brighter Day.

enjoying a sentient bean brownie at the end of my run

After the run, I stopped at the Sentient Bean and bought one of their delicious brownies.  They are so frigging good!

Wildlife inventory:

  • 14 city pigeons
  • 3 dragon flies: two of those dragon flies were attached together & flying around like that.
  • 2 love bugs
  • 2 mocking birds
  • 1 king fisher
  • 3 tug boats
  • 2 moths
  • 1 turtle
  • 2 cargo ships
  • millions of South Carolina fiddler crabs
  • 16 butterflies: yellows, monarch-looking, black-winged
  • 1 great egret
  • 1 big great blue heron, I guess?

me on the talmadge bridge with a cargo ship behind me

Today, although, I didn’t do my planned twenty it still turned out to be a great run day.  I had a total  blast during my run and,  no regrets.  It was a bit hotter than I would of liked but this is Savannah.  The heat sticks around here long, not caring whether it wears out it’s welcome or not.  The heat goes when it pleases.

the colonial cemetery i ran through

  • run log
  • mapped run
  • total miles on Nike Free run+2’s: 62.71
  • total days until the RnR Savannah: 42 days

I probably will not do the 20 mile run on Sunday.  It will have to wait until Monday.  Sundays are usually too busy for me to do long runs.

Since I took so many pictures during today’s run I figure I should probably make a slide show rather than post all of the pics on this blog.  What do you think?  Yeah, I thought so…

Running the Talmadge bridge today was as tough as I expected it to be but a total blast to do.  I need to run this bridge more often.  It’s just so friggin cool.  And,  it’s the best hill training in all the low country.  Gotta run the hills, right?  Right.

I think I’m going to start a running tour of downtown Savannah.  That would be cool, eh?  We could do 5 to 10 mile runs, take pictures along the way and stop at every bar and sample a local brew.  That would be so much fun…until you barf, that is.  Just a thought… 😉

Thank you so much for stopping by.

All the best to you and yours.




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