Running with a Beautiful Sunset Backdrop

on the zombie trail with the bull river bridge on the left

I had scheduled a 20 miler for Monday but there seemed to have been a scheduling conflict because I only ran 8.9 miles instead.  Darn those scheduling conflicts!  Oh well, there’s always next Saturday, right?  Yeah, that’s what I say.

In all honesty, I just wasn’t in a 20 mile run kind of mood.  8.9 was the magical number and I ran with it.

I did my run from the Island’s Ymca.  I hit the Whitemarsh Island trail until it ended on Bryan Woods and then took a right on highway 80 with the Bull River bridge as my destination.

The temperature was a comfortable 77 and, it was slightly breezy and cloudy.  As I approached the Bull River bridge I could tell we were going to have a spectacular sunset display.  Boy, I was not disappointed!  I ran the bridge and decided to venture into the zombie trail (the old tybee highway).  It was there that I had to stop and take a few pictures.  The pictures you see on this blog, aside from bringing up the contrast slightly, are all natural (for my camera’s eye).  There was this magnificent yellow tone on everything.  I felt like I was running in Mars.  Last night’s sunset was perhaps the prettiest one I have seen yet (aside from the Tanzanian sunsets I saw earlier this year, that is).  Magnificent!  Is how I describe last night’s sunset as I ran across the Bull River and onto Wilmington Island.

And, to think that I almost left my camera behind!

heading into the zombie trail

Yeah, I didn’t feel like lugging extra baggage yesterday before the run but in the end I felt naked running without my camera.  Isn’t that what people say about not having their cell phones and watches?  Well, that’s how I felt about running without my camera.  So, I grabbed it and ran.  And, have absolutely no regrets for having done so.

Wildlife inventory:

  • 5 bats
  • 14 crows
  • 1 great egret
  • 3 dogs
  • 1 dead squashed snake
  • 3 dragon flies

on highway 80 over by chu's and heading back to the island's y

So, where I lacked in running last week I seem to have made up for in the last few days.  Since Saturday, I’ve run every day and have logged 23.93 miles.  Today, I’ll add another 6 miles to that total.  This coming Friday evening or early Saturday morning I will have to get a 20+ mile run in.

The RnR Savannah is November 5th.  I would like to do 3 20+ mile runs before the marathon.  I want my last long run before the marathon to happen by October 22nd.  After that I begin my taper.

Well, thank you so much for stopping by.

All the very best to you and yours.




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