A Neighborhood Run with my new Nathan Triangle Hydration Pack

shrimp boats on the wilmington river viewed from atop the thunderbolt bridge

Yesterday I hit the gym, stretched a good bit, did some pushups and crunches and then went for a short run.  I ran 2.86 miles in :21:42:31 in my Nike Run+2’s.  Today, after work and after taking Mr. Gypsy for our daily walk I ran 5.89 miles in Thunderbolt in my red bikilas in :45:59:90 and, ended up hurting both of my feet.  Both hurts came from not paying attention to where I was landing while running because I was too concerned with the barking doberman and the abruptly breaking tow truck.

I was on Fennel Street and about to cross into Bonaventure Ave when a big tow truck came to an abrupt stop across the street from me.  That kind of startled me and landed my right bikila-clad foot hard on a good sized triangularly shaped rock.  I actually yelled “SHIP!”  except it wasn’t “ship” that I yelled.  I continued running and about 100 yards later as I ran in front of a large beautiful brick house on my left with a long bricked fence, a ginormous doberman came sprinting toward me from the confines of the bricked yard.  Although, I knew that dog was on the other side of the brick fence I still kind of freaked out and shot up my left leg as high as my ears and brought it crashing down as if I were doing some crazy war dance and landed my left foot hard on a big stick that was in the road.  It hurt a great deal!  And then, the bigass tow truck whizzed past me with country music blaring out of it.  For those ten seconds I was not happy but my peace came back and I continued my hobbling run home.

the go green 5k race packet stuff

So now, the bottoms of both of my feet are sore.  And, tomorrow I’m registered to run the Go Green 5k in Whitemarsh Island.  After the race I’m going to continue running and crank out my long run.  I’m doing the race because it’s in my neck of the woods & I love that trail.  This is one of my typical run spots and I want to support a race that takes place in my neck of the woods.  Also, I like the organization that this race is for.  And, I hope this organization,  the Chatham County-Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission will continue talks with the owners of the dairy farm by my house and hopefully purchase the land and preserve it.  Wouldn’t that be great!  I actually spoke with one of the employees of this department and she said that they have indeed been in talks with the owners of the land.  That’s a good sign, I think!  Don’t you?  It is such a strong desire of mine that the dairy farm may be protected as it is and opened up for other people to enjoy and be enriched by that magical place as I have.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

My plan for tomorrow is to run this race at about a 7:30 minute pace and then continue for about another 20 miles or so at a much slower pace.  I’m thinking about running to the race from my house, completing the race and then making a round-about return to my home.  The Whitemarsh trail (where the race is taking place) is about five miles from my house.  I’m thinking about taking my skeleton with me.  Haven’t made up mind on that yet, though.  We’ll see.

wildlife inventory:

  • 35 dragon flies
  • 4 dogs
  • 1 cat
  • 3 mocking birds
  • 1 flock of grackles
  • 3 doves
  • 1 great blue heron?  I think that’s what it was.

is that a great blue heron?

I also bought a new Nathan single bottle water belt pack (triangle hydration pack).   It holds a 22 ounce water bottle.  I ran with it tonight.  It was very comfortable.   It has a nice little loop you can wrap over the nozzle of the bottle so that it holds it securely in the pack and will not jiggle out.  I adjusted the Nathan pack so that the water bottle was to my front and slightly to my left so I could easily get to it with my left hand since I’m left-handed.  It worked beautifully.  It also has a plastic hook for a key and a pretty decent pocket for a couple of gels or dollar bills.  That’s nothing, I know.  Most belt packs come with key hook and gel pocket.

my new nathan belt pack

Tomorrow, though, I’m going to run with my dual bottle Nathan pack (elite 2v plus) because I’m going to need that extra space for fluids as I knock out more mileage.  I think this bottle I bought today is going to be perfect for the rnr marathon in three weeks, though.  I like to race with my own water supply.  At some point in the race I’m going to have to refill the bottle and continue to the end.  That will slow me down some but that’s ok.  I rather have my own water with me than to chug down those small cups of water that volunteers hand the runners certain spots in the race.  Usually, I end up spilling more of that water on me than drinking it.  So, that’s why I carry my own water.

the loop thing to hold in the water bottle from flipping out

Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll catch you all later.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

All the very best to you and yours.




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1 comment for “A Neighborhood Run with my new Nathan Triangle Hydration Pack

  1. Sue
    2012/08/25 at 4:09 am

    Hi there! Found your post while reading reviews of the Nathan Triangle pack. I can’t seem to get mine to stay put, but am going to try again today.

    Coincidentally, my podcast co-host is also planning on running the RnR in Savannah!

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