A Rainy Night Run and Introduction to Gear Review

at the start of the run

Yesterday, after an incredibly good long stretch I walked up to a treadmill a the Island’s Ymca and stared at it long and hard.  After ten seconds I decided to take my chances in the dark, rainy conditions outside.  I strapped on my headlamp and headed out for a pleasant 3.6 mile run.  I loved it.

The temperature was 73 degrees with humidity at 100%.  As I ran the Whitemarsh trail I could see nothing beyond the beam of my headlamp on the trail before me.  I was a little concerned that I would stub my toe on something or trip over something else since I was running in my old red bikilas but thankfully, I had a good nontripping, non-toe-stubbing run!  Thank the Lord!

at the end of the run

Being as dark as it was I didn’t hardly see any wildlife.  Actually, I only saw one dog and it’s owner and one turkey duck on the bank a pond I ran past.  I felt good and strong.  Wisdom would of dictated not to run in my bikilas after my foot injury last weekend but wisdom is something I tend to lack from time to time.

wildlife inventory:

  • 1 dog
  • 1 duck

You know, some times it’s hard to keep up with this blog.  Life can just get so busy.  I gotta do a better job in keeping up with this blog, though.  Why?  Because I enjoy writing about my adventures in running and love to share those experiences with anyone out there that may find some amusement in running in general or in my adventures.  For those of you that check out my blog, I thank you whole-heartedly.  I hope it is some-what entertaining to you.  I try to throw some other stuff in the blog such as life with my dog, Mr. Gypsy.  He’s about the best buddy I’ve ever had.  I like to share pictures and poems and cooking adventures as well.  If you enjoy any of my postings, from time to time please leave me a comment.  I would love to learn something about the people that read my blog and would like to thank you personally.

With all of that said above, allow me to tell you about something new I’m about to start on this site.  I will start my very own “Gear Review” section.  I’m big into running and purchase a lot of different items, whether they are shoes, socks, headlamps, apparel, watches, iphone cases, what-have-you.

In my running days, I’ve come across and have purchased some items that are amazing and have overall improved my running and/or running experience.  I have also spent money on items that have not worked very well at all for me.  Point in fact, I recently ruined my iphone 4 when running during a torrential downpour.  The makers of the case I was using guaranteed that it was waterproof.  It was waterproof…for about two months.  On that fateful last day of my iphone, though, the rain came down hard and when I looked down at my iphone, it was partially submerged in water inside the waterproof case!

my vff's at 590 miles

So, I hope with this new “Gear Review” I am starting I will be able to help some people out there from experiencing some of the mishaps I’ve had with gear and/or, help someone along in making a worthy decision on their next purchase of running gear.

I’m calling this section “Gear Review” because it’s not just going to be about running gear but also about some of my other passions and pursuits such as climbing mountains and cycling.  I may even throw in a few “gear reviews” about wine making equipment.  Yeah, my next big adventure is going to be in the realm of wine making.  I’ll tell you more about that later, though.

So, in the next few days please expect a new section to my running blog called, “Gear Review”.

Many, many thanks for stopping by.

All the best to you and yours.




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