A Neighborhood Short Run in my Nike Frees

this is that path that runs alongside the canal, - otherwise known as Williamson street...street for hobbits, I guess.

I ran 3.34 miles this evening in my Nike frees.  Since I’m going to run the RnR Savannah marathon in Nike frees I figure I better crank out more miles on them between now and marathon day.  So, the last two days I’ve run in them.

Today was a little warmer than I would of liked but that’s the way it goes in Savannah.  We’ll have a few chilly days mixed in with lots of warm days during the Fall.  The temperature at the end of my run was 76 degrees with humidity at 54%.  I finished my run at :26:26:11.

I ran from my house to Wessels to Bonaventure and followed that until the canal that’s adjacent to Bonaventure Cemetery and the dairy farm.  I decided to follow the canal toward Victory, cutting a trail through the high weeds growing on the western bank of the canal.  I caught a side trail just before reaching Victory and followed that into a trailer park where I was followed by a incessantly barking hound-pitbull mix.  A teenager on the porch of a trailer park home kept telling me that “it’s ok, she don’t bite”.  I wasn’t going to take any chances so I slowed to a brisk walk and warily eye-balled the dog until I felt safe enough to get back to a running pace.  I made a mental note not to run into trailer parks again.  This is the second time I’ve run into a trailer park and the second time I’ve had an issue when I’ve run into a trailer park.  It may be in my best interests to stay out of those places, eh? 😉

I exited the trailer park and ran up Downing Street to Victory and, followed Victory a ways until finally ducking behind Piggly Wiggly just before coming up on Skidaway.  I thought of stopping at Starbucks for a quick espresso but said to myself that can wait til tomorrow morning on my way to work.  Anyway, my stomach doesn’t seem to handle coffee very well when I’m running.  I ran to 43rd street and followed that until Herbed Ave.  Herbed took me back to Bonaventure and eventually, home.

So, what do you think? Does this look like a street or a pathway through tall weeds running alongside a canal? I don't know. This may very well be Williamson Street.

It’s interesting if you look at the mapped course I ran because the canal I ran alongside is listed as Williamson Street.  Or maybe, the path with the high weeds that runs parallel to the canal is called Williamson Street.  Whatever the case, neither is really much of a street at all but a path overgrown heavily with brush…or canal full of water and turtles.

I saw a king fisher as I ran alongside the canal!  I love seeing that.

Wildlife inventory:

  • 1 king fisher
  • 1 squirrel
  • 1 dragon fly
  • 11 dogs
  • 1 great blue heron
  • 2 cats

Tomorrow, I’m going to run a little bit longer than today but not by much.  I’m enjoying these short relaxing runs.  I may have to make a habit of this, I think.

Nah…not a chance.  I’ve already verbally agreed to do the Delirium Ultra run in February.  I haven’t registered yet for it but will in the next few days.  And, I’ll probably register for the 6 hour race.  Basically, you have to see how many miles you can run in 6 hours.  Whoever runs the most in that time frame wins that particular race.  The winner takes home a brand new Gulfstream jet or, a belt buckle – it’s your choice.

There are also two other races, – a 12 hour and a 24 hour.  Six hours is good enough for me.  I still haven’t recovered mentally from the Cremator Ultra 50 this past summer.  That race scarred me. 😉

my nike frees and water bottle on my front steps

I keep forgetting to do the gear review thing.  I’ll get one done this weekend.  I promise.

I think that’s about it for now.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

All the very best to you and yours.





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