Day 4 of 30 Food Intake Inventory


Sunday, December 11 2011, was the fourth day of my 30 day food inventory with pictures.  Sunday’s food intake was way better than Saturday’s but not by much.  For breakfast I had a bowl of strawberry yogurt with low fat granola, 3 cups of Italian roast coffee with a little skim milk and, one banana.  I also had a non-acoholic mimosa.

My parents came over for lunch.  I prepared a salad for each of us comprised of that organic stuff called super greens that you buy at publix, 1 tomato and 1 avocado.  The dressing was balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, black pepper and paprika.  For the main dish, I cooked a couple of tilapia filets.  I ate one.  So, did my father.  I also stir fried asparagus, yellow squash and zucchini in extra virgin olive oil, organic sesame oil, light soy sauce and balsamic vinegar.  I drank a root beer and a large glass of water.


My dad and I snacked on dry roasted edamame nuts and organic salt free blue corn chips.  Those edamame nuts are awesome.

For dinner I had leftovers from the party the night before of good old Rusty Pig brunswick stew and shredded pork.  Not a very healthy dinner but darn it was pretty tasty even a day old!  I also drank 1 and a half corona light beers.  I couldn’t finish the second beer.

lunch salad

I met up with Barbara at the gallery espresso before dinner and I had a large cup of coffee there as we engaged in pleasant conversation.  Before dinner, I had another banana.

2 banana snack

Food intake inventory:

  • 2 bananas
  • 1.5 corona light beers
  • about 1/2 cup of edamame nuts
  • stir fry comprised of the following: asparagus, yellow squash, zucchini cooked in extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, light soy sauce, organic sesame oil.
  • several organic salt less blue corn chips
  • Rusty Pig brunswick stew
  • Rusty Pig shredded pork
  • 1 non alcoholic mimosa
  • 4 cups of coffee with skim milk: 3 were italian roast, home brewed, the other was a cup of whatever gallery espresso was making.
  • 1 tilapia filet
  • 1 yoplait strawberry yogurt with granola
  • 12 gluten-free chocolate chip cookies


And, that concludes Sunday’s food inventory.

Now, I have to try and catch up with the rest of the food intake blogs.

If you would like to keep up with the pictures which are always up to day you can access them on my google-plus account album: food for 30 days inventory

Ok, that’s it for now.  I’ll see you soon with another food intake blog and/or a running blog.  Lots of exciting things going on now.

Thanks for stopping by.

All the very best to you and yours.

Happy Holidays.




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