A Short Run the Day before the Reindeer 8K

everything i need for my race tomorrow.

I had a pleasant run this evening after work.  I changed clothes at work into running attire and then shot over to Fleet Feet where I picked up my race packet for the Reindeer 8k.  This is the race I was seeking sponsorship for the Tyson family that lost everything in a fire last month.  My sponsor recruitment was nothing near remarkable but I did get nine remarkable people to sponsor me.  There are also a few other runners that I know that are running for the Tyson family.  I hope they fared better than I did with sponsors but I cannot complain.  This is the holiday season and everyone is busy and money is tight.

I do know that Michelle Daniels, one of the runners, has collected a tremendous amount of toys for the Tyson children.  Michelle has worked so hard in getting sponsors and making phone calls to the Tyson’s to make sure she gets things that they need and the right sizes for the children.  Michelle is an amazing lady.  I have so much respect and admiration for her.  This is a lady that juggles house duties, 4 young children, a running program, soccer practice for kids, cooking dinners and lunches and still makes the time to help out people in need.  That is a very admirable person in my book!

fleet feet savananh, a great running store because a bunch of great people run it.

Any way, you can still sponsor me or Michelle Daniels or Sarah Bland or, Dimitris Newton.  All of these fine people are running not just for the seriously important and worthy cause of helping those that are sexually abused but also, helping out a family that lost so much at the start of the holiday season.  All race proceeds go to support sexual assault victims, their families and friends and to provide prevention education for all ages.  The money that Sarah, Michelle, Dimitris and I collect from sponsors such as you will go entirely to the Tyson family.  So, it’s all good.

On Sunday, December 18th, I will be going to where the Tyson family is staying to deliver clothes, toys and all of the monies collected by the runners for “Run for the Tyson family”.  You can come with me if you would like.  I’ll be doing the delivery around 3:00pm on Sunday.  I’ll do another write up on the Tyson family campaign on Saturday evening.

Going back to my run today, after I picked up the race packet from Fleet Feet I cruised a few blocks over to Daffin Park and ran 2.92 miles.  It was so nice.  The temperature at the time of the run was a very comfortable 71 degrees with humidity at 62%.  I finished the run at :21:17.

Daffin park, stretching the left leg

My entire run took place in Daffin Park.  I ran the perimeter of the park and then the interior.  Who knew you could almost squeeze out 3 miles in this small park without running the same area twice?  That’s pretty awesome, I think.  I didn’t see my chickens, though.  And, I really, really wanted to see those darn Daffin Park chickens.  I sure hope they have not ended up as someone’s rotisserie!

Wildlife inventory:

  • 10 dogs
  • 3 squirrels

Hey, speaking of dogs, did you know that the back end of Daffin Park (over by Bee Road) is fenced up and appears to be a dog park?  Did you know about that?  I didn’t!  I was so surprised as I ran by it!  I saw dogs galore (ten of them).  I’m so happy.  Finally!  That part of Daffin park was always kind of a sketchy area.  So, I’m glad to see that it is being utilized in a very good way.

this was my mapped run of 2.92 miles in daffin park. pretty cool, eh?

So, tomorrow the Reindeer 8k starts at 9:00am at Hutchinson Island.  After the run I’m going to catch a boat across the Savannah River and hit the Starbucks on Broughton and Bull street.  Why don’t you join me for a cup of coffee and a brownie?  We can talk about the Tyson family  and other cool things.

Keep an eye out for bib#: 105…it won’t disappoint you..;)

Thanks so much for stopping by.

All the very best to you and yours.




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