A Run to Chase Away the Blues in my Red Bikilas

I came across this sign on a church that's on Georgia and New York Ave. I didn't realize that the neighborhood was so fond of me that they had pictures of me hung around it. Someone must of taken that picture of me at the Starbucks on Victory and Skidaway when I wasn't looking. I'm deeply touched.

This was a rough day for me but I managed to walk 2.4 miles with my dog and afterward, ran 3.34 miles.  That walk and run, despite the chilly conditions, made me feel so much better. An evening run helps me release the stress of the day and reminds me that there is more to life than just a few discomforts in the work day.  So, after my rough day at work, tonight’s run reminded me that life is grand and that the little struggles in life never outdo the bigger picture.

So what’s the bigger picture?  Everything else outside of work!

The walk with my silly boy, Gypsy, was as fun as ever.  The tug-of-war we had with his blanky later on in the evening was priceless.  My run through my neighborhood on a chilly evening with the backdrop of a beautiful Savannah sunset was breath-taking.  The news that my brother’s daughter, Lauren, made the American Honor Society made me happy and filled me with pride.  You see, life is good!

pausing for a second at starbucks on victory and skidaway during my run. actually, this starbucks was part of my running route. I ran right through it. I went in one entrance and exited through another. How many runners do you know that have run through a starbucks as part of their running route?


I some times allow my job to become the all encompassing and important thing in my world.  I like my job and I’m grateful for the job that I have but my job does not define who I am and is not the most important aspect of my life.  My job is something I must have but it is not the key to my existence and happiness.  My job is a means to an end.  The rest that occurs in my world is more of what defines who I am and what I aspire to be.

I had a rough day at work, – those are bound to happen again and again.  I need to remember that and not allow it to bring me down.  What I’m trying to say is that my happiness is not derived from a job but some times I allow it to.  A Run at the end of the day helps me put things back into perspective.  And, that’s why I make such a big deal about running and want it to be a part of my life for as long as my legs and lungs will allow.  I pray to God that I may have a long, happy relationship with running.  I pray to God that I may always remember to keep first in my life God, family, friends, running and red wine.  Everything else is just a side dish.

Okay, maybe an Parrot AR Drone 2.0 should be included in my list after red wine.  I really want one of those AR Drones!  They are so frigging cool!

Well, the run today started outside of my front door and quickly took me up Wessels, across Bonaventure Road, and all the way to the strip mall on Skidaway and Victory where my favorite Starbucks is located.  I actually ran through that Starbucks rather than run around it.  I stopped momentarily to say hello to the local baristas and sat down for a second to take a couple of pictures before continuing my run. It was fun and warm inside.

I jumped back onto Wessels and followed that until I decided to take a left somewhere.  Eventually, I ended up on Pennsylvania and then on Skidaway, where I had to be very careful of the heavy, crazy traffic, not to mention the big black dog that ran up to me and just about scared me right out of my skin.  I had to stop and walk for about 100 feet so that the dog would not chase me.  Eventually, the dog ran back to where he lives and I continued my run up Skidaway and then turned on Henry street, going around the round-about once before heading back down Henry to Pennsylvania.  I caught New York to Georgia Ave and then back to my street and then, home sweet home.

It was a good short run.  Tomorrow will be a longer run, I promise.

Wildlife inventory:

  • 6 doves
  • 6 seagulls
  • 1 robin
  • 4 dogs

I’m not sure where I’m going to run tomorrow but right now I’m leaning more on the Rails to Trails and possibly Fort Pulaski.  I’ll let you know for sure tomorrow.

If you really feel inclined to get me a late Christmas gift please feel free to get me one of those Parrot AR Drones.  I promise you that I will love that gift for a very long time.

  • run log
  • mapped run
  • total miles on red bikilas: 673.49
  • total real miles for 2012: 21.48
  • total treadmill miles for 2012: 12.72

Thank you so much for stopping by.

I wish you and yours the very best.




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