Run for a Reson

My niece's prayer flag that inspired a movement (in me)

On Tuesday (yesterday), I did a 5.08 mile run on a treadmill at the Island’s Ymca and tonight I ran 8.45 miles at the rails to trails.  I was talking with a friend as I ran on the treadmill and that helped the time go by.  As I ran  and chatted, the topic of interest was running for a cause.  My friend, Michelle, brought up Liam’s Land which I had become aware of because of another runner that I know who was running on behalf of this child who has lymphatic malformation.  It’s an awful disease that can cause serious malformation of a baby’s body.  In the case of Liam, it has produced numerous cysts on his neck and mouth and makes breathing and eating quite difficult.  To see a picture of Liam, to be utterly honest – is quite shocking.  The first time I saw a picture of young Liam I shut my eyes in hopes I could vanquish that image from my mind.  I opened my eyes and that young baby face stared back at me.  I was heart-broken.  I donated to his cause last October and will continue to donate money, time and prayers in hopes an understanding and hopefully a cure could be found for this disease and, that Liam may be able to live a long happy, normal life.

Michelle and I also spoke about doing a run to raise proceeds for the renovation of the rails to trails here in Savannah.  The rails to trails are severely eroded due to being constantly bombarded by incoming and outgoing tides.  The rtt in Savannah is located on McQueen’s Island on a narrow strip of land that runs parallel to highway 80, on the way to Tybee Island.  The entire rails to trails is almost 12 miles. Both the eastern and western sections are badly eroded but the western section is impacted the most.  From what I was told, the rtt will not be getting renovated any time soon because there just isn’t enough money in the county’s budget to repair it.  That’s understandable with all of the financial problems this country is having.  That leads me back to tonight’s run at the rtt.

the shrine and prayer flags at the end of the rails to trails

This evening I ran 8.45 miles and my thoughts continued on running for either Liam’s Land or the rtt renovation.  The more important cause was obviously, Liam’s Land.  Still, though, I wanted to do something to renovate the rtt but what?

I ran to the end of the rails to trails, you know, where the shrine and prayer flags are?  When I made it to the end I pulled out a bunch of prayer flags that I had been meaning to hang  for months.  I just don’t get out to the rtt much these days.  As I hung the prayer flags one in particular really got my attention.  It was one that my eight year old niece made last week and asked me to hang at the prayer flag project.  I had not paid attention to the flag at the time but it riveted me when I saw it at the shrine!  Here was my answer on a prayer flag!  My niece’s prayer flag had a badly drawn foot on it with the words “thanks.  Run for a Reson.”  I’m pretty sure my niece, Grace, meant to spell “reason” but forgot the “a” after the “e”.

I know that it may sound very silly to make something out of this prayer flag but the thought that came to mind when I read her prayer flag at the end of the rails to trails was, why not run for both, – Liam’s Land and the rtt renovation?  Why not set up a fund raiser where I run 24 hours on a treadmill at the Island’s Ymca for Liam’s Land and set up another 24 hour run at the rails to trails for money to renovate it?  Basically, I’m thinking that I should perhaps, organize two runs (races) and recruit other runners to run on treadmills at the Y for Liam and at the rtt for it’s renovations?  I know people that have organized races.  So, I have people that I can get information on organizing a race.  For the running part, I’m quite familiar with the discomforts of running for 24 hours since I did a 100 mile run in 2008 in 24 hours and five minutes.  I truly believe this is very doable and very worthwhile.  I do believe my niece’s prayer flag was an indicator that I’m on the right path with this thinking.  Remind me to give my niece, Grace a great big hug and kiss next time I see her!  This is going to be awesome!

Now what?  First things first.  I’ll finish this running blog and then I’ll continue to think about running for Liam’s Land and the rails to trails renovation.

a great egret I saw during my run tonight

Wildlife inventory:

  • 1 cargo ship
  • 1 million biting gnats
  • 2 great egrets
  • 2 cormorants

Tonight’s run was entirely on the rails to trails.  I saw a very pretty girl running there…I just thought I mention that.  What else?  Well, my left calf bothered me for about two miles but the ache subsided and I was able to pick up the pace considerably afterward.  It’s interesting to note that for the first two miles I was running roughly an 8:30 pace.  I finished the run with an average pace of 7:56.  I ran the last two miles pretty strong even with a very rocky ground.  That’s quite amazing considering that I was wearing vff’s for this run.  And, if you’ve run the rtt with vff’s you know that the rails has a way of beating up vff-clad feet.  Some how, though, I kind of glided over the rocks.  I think that the force was strong in me this evening.  I closed my eyes and let the force lead me…lead me right into a palm tree!  A coconut fell off the tree and hit me on the head but it didn’t kill me.  Someone I know recently posted on fb that more people are killed yearly by falling coconuts than by pitbull attacks.  Well, these twelve coconuts that fell off the tree and on my head didn’t kill me, missus Sandra Lee Wolff! 😉

What’s that saying?  what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?  In my case it gives me brain damage.

my vff's at the end of my 8.45 mile run

  • run log
  • mapped run
  • total miles on grey bikilas: 45.16
  • total real miles for 2012: 132.66
  • total treadmill miles for 2012: 33.83

Tonight’s Running playlist:

  1. The power by Snap
  2. Closer by Kings of Leon
  3. Fix you by coldplay
  4. Shout 2000 by Disturbed
  5. Crawling by Linkin Park
  6. Hunger by Black Hawk Down
  7. Sea of Love by Phil Phillips
  8. Stupify by Disturbed
  9. End Titles by Carter Burwell (Miller’s crossing)
  10. Bleed it out by Linkin Park
  11. The Haunted ocean 4 by Max Richter
  12. Crying over by Patty Griffin
  13. 2 out of three ain’t bad by Meat Loaf
  14. I don’t want to talk about it by Indigo girls
  15. God’s going to cut you down by Johnny Cash
  16. Have you ever seen the rain by Spin Doctors

this is a picture of the treadmill that I ran 5.08 miles on on Tuesday. I know that it says, 5.07, but you have to believe me that it truly was 5.08 miles. I would not lie about that. I'll lie about anything else but not that.

Well, I do think that is it for now.  I’m going to go drink a beer and wash my feet.  I swear vff’s carry a bacteria that cause people’s feet to smell like ass.  Ugh!  I’m going to sue Vibram for making my feet stink so bad after I wear vff’s!  I’ll then donate that money to Liam’s Land and the Rtt renovation.  Ok, I may keep $300.00 to buy a new AR Drone 2.0 but the rest to these two worthy causes. 😉

Thank you so much for stopping by.

All the very best to you and yours.

peace to you,


PS: don’t let a coconut hit you on the head and, don’t trust the force!

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