Reliving my Kilimanjaro 2011 trip: Day 3

The big cairn atop the Cathedral. From left to right are Naina, Mike Francisco, Mel, Jason. I'm sorry but I forgot the guy's name who's standing next to Naina. He was Mel's porter and a very nice guy. Wow, I am forgetting this adventure. 🙁

So, day three of my Kilimanjaro trip was in the Shira plateau.  We went from Shira camp 1 to Shira camp 2.  We took a side trip to the Cathedral and were met with hail and wind on the way back from the Cathedral.  Leaving the Cathedral my stomach began to flare up in anger.  I felt miserable and full of you know what…gas.  I made sure to stay away from everyone because it seemed the polite thing to do.  Also, I left my goretex rain gear behind when I went for the cathedral and I paid the price for that when the rain and hail came down.  So, word to the wise…when trekking in Kilimanjaro always carry your rain gear with you.  You’ll be glad you did if it suddenly rains and hails down on you.  Of the group, I was the only idiot that left his gear behind.

The cathedral was spectacular and I would love to visit that again.  I placed a rock with a prayer atop the highest point at the Cathedral on a giant cairn.

I took several videos on this particular day, March 11, 2011.  So, I’m posting all of them here.

It’s been nice looking back on this amazing trip.  I’m so happy that I’m still in contact with so many of the people I befriended on this adventure.  It’s amazing how fresh the trip is still with me.  It must of made a big impression on me, eh?

Here are the videos:

First one is at Shira camp 1 early in the morning as we prepare to hit the trail for the Cathedral and Shira camp 2:

I shot this video a little later that morning. It had warmed up considerably and I was feeling considerably better:

This is a very short meaningless video I took from the Cathedral. It was fun:

This last video was in Shira Camp 2 after an arduous day in Shira plateau. Despite the hardship it was a fantastic day:

Thank you so very much for stopping by.

I’ll continue posting my Kilimanjaro trips until I have relived the entire adventure. This trip was 8 days. So, I’m almost half way through.

I wish you and yours the very best.




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