Painful 15

this is the concrete manatee I saw during my run

I am writing this blog entry from my bathroom as I soak my feet in hot water after a very feet painful 15.1 mile run this evening.  I woke up this morning with major allergy issues.  So, I knew that today’s run would probably not be the best one.  Still though, run, I must.  So, around 5:00pm I embarked on my long run.  Little did I know that the problem with my run today would not be caused by allergy probs but by the bottoms of my feet becoming incredibly tender as the miles added up during tonight’s run.  Ugh, my feet hurt!

The traffic going to Tybee Island was grid-locked as I headed to the rails to trails for my run.  Scanning up ahead I noticed several police cars on the bull river bridge and knew I was going to be here for awhile.  So, rather than wait it out I did a U-eee (I don’t know how you spell that) and parked next to a restaurant that’s off of highway 80.  I slipped on my yellow nathan reflective vest, threw my iphone in the front pouch like a good kangaroo, snapped on my nathan water belt pack, grabbed my camera and took off running toward the rails to trails.  I was not about to let a little fender bender on the bull river bridge slow me down.

By the time I reached the Bull river bridge the two cars involved in the minor fender bender had been pulled off the bridge and the traffic was flowing again.  There was a lot of traffic on the long narrow, winding bridge and that made me a little nervous but onward I push!  Off the bridge I quickly caught the zombie trail and followed it to it’s end at the shoreline of the Bull River.  I turned around and ran to the rtt.  I ran to the end of the rtt where the shrine and prayer flags are at and I quickly hung two prayer flags – one for Micah True – Rest in peace, and the other for a dear friends daughter which has started running.  She’s the child of the lady that sold me my house almost two years ago.  She’s also the child I ran the Shamrock 5k last month with.  She’s an amazing young athlete.  We’ll be reading about her one day as she breaks records world-wide!

I ran back up the rtt (because I had no choice other than swim to highway 80).  I left the rtt and ran back to Wilmington Island or Talahi Island…I don’t know where I was.  All of these Islands seem to merge into one another without me even knowing it.  So, I ran back to that island and then ran up Quarterman until it ended in front of a concrete manatee mailbox.  I took a picture of it and ran back up that road and then took a left at highway 80 until I got to my car but my mileage was only 14.2 and I wanted 15.  So, I kept running.  I ran in circles and back to the bull river again and back and finally finished up a 15.1 mile run.

cars on the bull river bridge

wildlife inventory:

  • 2 bumble bees
  • 3 vultures
  • 1 concrete manatee
  • 3 wood storks
  • 1 great egret
  • 100,000 mosquitoes at the end of the rtt.  I hate those things!
  • a few gnats that I inadvertently ate, unfortunately
  • 1 pelican
  • 1 snowy egret
  • 1 cushion with ducks on it
  • 1 cargo ship
  • 7 dogs
  • 1 red female cardinal
  • 1 mocking bird at the end of my run – how ironic
  • 1 dead decomposed rat on the bull river bridge
  • 3 grackles
  • 1 sparrow

the cushion I came across on highway 80 just before the bull river bridge. how do you figure this cushion ended up on hwy 80?

My feet were killing me from mile 8.  I don’t know why the balls of my feet felt so tender but they did.  I kept telling myself that the pain in my feet is subjective.  That didn’t work very well because my feet really were hurting!  I sang along with my playlist hoping that would alleviate the pain but that didn’t work…Down with the Sickness by Disturbed didn’t go very well with my current feeling while running.  Get Off by Prince only made me want to get off of my feet.  Two out of three ain’t bad by Meat Loaf made me think about my two hurting feet…to make a long story short, my run today was a very painful one.  Even now, my feet are still very tender.  Unless I can get some super natural healing in the next 24 hours I do not think I will be running tomorrow.  So, please pray that my feet get healed.  Thanks.

  • run log
  • total miles on the grey bikilas ls: 148.38
  • total real miles for 2012: 277.94
  • total treadmill miles for 2012: 41.41
  • total Gypsy walk mileage today: 1.06

I have to crank out the miles next week.  By the end of this month I want to be able to run 25 miles comfortably in my vff’s.  That may be asking a lot but I have to push it hard.  I signed up for the Cremator Ultra 50.  It’s happening in July.  I refuse a repeat of last year’s Cremator experience.  This year I’m going to complete that race and I’m going to complete it well.  I’m through screwing around.  Well, I don’t know if I’m through screwing around but I think you know what I mean.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

All the very best to you and yours.

Take care and God bless.




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