Mr. Gypsy and the Zombie Trail


Mr. Gypsy enjoying the sunset from the zombie trail

Today is national Gypsy Day.  So, in honor of that I am posting some pictures I took of my dog, Mr. Gypsy, yesterday at the internationally known, The Zombie Trail.  Actually, I made up the national gypsy day thing because i just want to post a few of the  pictures I took yesterday of my dog at the Zombie trail.

Yesterday, after work I followed my regular routine of walking Mr. Gypsy before going on a run.  During the walk Mr. Gypsy seemed a little more excited than usual.  Perhaps, it was the cool weather or the low pollen count…I don’t know.  Any way, yesterday was a beautiful day in Savannah with very cool and windy conditions.  It kind of felt like a wintry day…It was the type of weather that Gypsy really enjoys and makes him frisky.  So, as we walked around the neighborhood Gypsy seemed to have a little more steam in his pace and seemed to be a little more playful than usual.

Well, we did our typical 1.x mile walk and as I was preparing to head out for my run I could see that he certainly wanted more hangout time with me.  Before I walked out of the house I looked at Gypsy and I swear I could see the disappointment on his face that I was leaving and he was staying behind.  I closed the front door and walked down the steps toward my car and just turned back around and grabbed Gypsy and off we went to the rails to trails together.

good looking little buddy

Gypsy is an excellent dog.  As I was driving toward the rtt I would look over at him and could see how excited he was to be going somewhere with me.  I thought, you know, he’s 10 years old.  I don’t know how much longer I’ll have him with me but while he’s with me I’m going to continue to enjoy life with him.  When I got to the rtt I could see that it was quite a popular spot.  So, I thought, you know, I want to take Gypsy some to a place where I can unleash him and let him run to his heart’s delight.  That’s when I thought of the Zombie trail.  So, I did a U-Turn at the rtt parking area and headed to the zombie trail which is only a third of a mile away from the rtt.

checking out the gambling ship as it headed out to sea. I think this was the first time he's seen a ship because he was so intrigued by the large boat. He barked at it a lot.

The Zombie trail is the old Tybee highway.  You can pull into the old sandy highway just before you hit the Bull River bridge that takes you onto Wilmington Island.  The old highway runs parallel to the new Bull River bridge for .52 mile before abruptly ending at the Bull River.

I only drove so far into the deserted road for fear of later getting stuck in the soft sand.  Gypsy began his normal excited whining as I leashed him in the car.  There’s a big obstruction placed on the old highway about fifty yards from where I parked that is meant to keep people from driving further into this old abandoned road that is slowing getting gobbled up by nature.  The obstruction is a huge pile of dirt about four feet tall.  It was beyond that dirt mound that I intended to unleash Gypsy and let him run wild because beyond that point it was completely safe from any cars (that is unless a car were to fly off of the Bull River bridge and onto the old Tybee highway).  I was doubtful that would happen, though.  So, I set him free and, that chubby little Australian Shepherd took off running down the old Zombie trail chasing imaginary zombies made of pork chops and bacon, I assumed.  Gypsy sprinted for about fifty yards before he forgot about the bacon zombies and suddenly, peeing on trees became more interesting.  The zombie trail a popular place for me to add that little bit of extra mileage when I’ve run the rails to trails but I’m not quite satisfied with my distance.

The old Tybee highway (zombie trail) is on McQueen’s Island.  McQueen’s Island is a narrow island that’s mainly made of mud and marsh but spans the “6” mile rails to trails in it’s entirety and also includes the entrance to Ft. Pulaski.  The island is in between Wilmington Island and Tybee Island.  No humans live on the island except for the imaginary zombies in my mind but, there is an occasional Marsh Bigfoot sighting there.  Some years ago there was a rumor that a  Marsh Bigfoot was hit by a drunk driver on his way home from Tybee Island.  The Marsh Bigfoot (a sub-species of the Rocky Mountain Bigfoot) jumped into the marsh and disappeared in the mud before anyone could take a picture.  So, that’s an unsubstantiated sighting.    Occasionally, you’ll also find a bunch of deer carcasses on the zombie trail.  It is because of these cleaned-out deer carcasses found on the trail that many Tybee Islanders believe that the Marsh Bigfoot truly exists still in McQueen’s Island.  I, of course, do not believe such nonsense.  I believe that the Marsh Zombies ate those deer!

here he is looking at the ship again. i couldn't get the ship and Gypsy in the same frame, unfortunately

So, the zombie trail was new terrain to Gyspy.  So, being new terrain he had to mark every tree that was there.  Claiming ownership of new territory is very important to Mr. Gypsy (and I guess, every male dog in the world).  So, I let him go about his business as I explored this old road for the first time at a leisurely pace.  It was nice to take in this island from a walking perspective rather than a 7 minute per mile pace.So, here I was finally able to walk around the trail snapping pictures at will with no particular pace to care about.  It was fun.

walking the zombie trail

As I walked around the zombie trail I began to think that this really could make a good prayer flag project annex.  It’s out of the way and no one really ever comes here.  This old highway is just a piece of real estate that could be utilized as a small dog park or a fishing spot if the county were to build a pier to the water.  Right now it sits abandoned with sand, marsh, bushes and salt water adapted trees reclaiming the old highway.  There is a large pine tree (about 20 to 30 feet tall) that has encroached on the old road, cracking the asphalt into large chunks as it claims new ground to expand upon.  It’s really cool.  There is a part of me that is so intrigued at how quickly nature can reclaim what man has built.

I do not know what the future plans are for this decaying road and nice piece of land but for now, it is my very own secret garden.  Instead of tomatoes and peppers and flowers growing in this garden there are pine trees and oak trees and marsh grasses growing there.  Imaginary zombies live here as well as a few million fiddler crabs and lizards.  I once saw a red tailed hawk there, too.  Oh yeah, and the occasional Marsh Bigfoot.

the infamous zombie trail

Anyway, here are some pictures of my favorite little buddy, Mr. Gypsy, at the old Zombie trail.  If you would like to see more pictures of the zombie trail please visit my google+ zombie trail photo album: zombie trail album

Hope you enjoy them.

All the best to you and yours.

Take care and God bless.




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