A very nice Whitemarsh Island run

I ran up to this river in low tide. it was quite beautiful

I covered a good bit of Whitemarsh Island this evening during my 7.01 mile run.  The balls of my feet began to burn greatly due to friction around mile five but despite the discomfort I enjoyed this run immensely!  That’s right, I said immensely!  It is a cold day in hell when I use a 35 cent word, my friends!  So, consider yourselves lucky that you witnessed me use the word “immensely”.  I don’t even know what that word means but it sounds important and intellectualized.  Speaking of intellectuals, I saw two big fat grey birds with white heads tonight while I was running.  These things were like the size of a turkey.  For a split second, I thought that was exactly what they were.  But upon stopping and taking a closer look I realized that they were not.  They looked like giant guineas.  Actually, I just googled “guineas” and that’s exactly what I saw!  No lie!  I saw two guineas!  I have pictures to prove it!  It’s amazing that I didn’t realize what they were until now.   And, that’s why I own Google stock, all 1.2 shares of it!  Google, I love you.

here are the guineas i saw during my run. not the best picture, i know. sorry.

I also saw a green heron during the run!  Now, that is one of the most beautiful birds I’ve seen in this area.  During the summer I usually see a few but I never see enough to make me think, “oh, there’s another green heron…just like a cormorant.”  No, I’ve probably seen a couple of dozen green herons in my life time in the wild.  And, it is such a beautiful bird that I’m always impressed and astounded when I see one.  So, yeah.  I saw a green heron today…and, two cats.

I started my run at the Island’s Ymca.  I headed up the Whitemarsh Island preserve trail and followed that until it ended at Bryan Woods.  I then followed Bryan Woods across highway 80 and meandered through the back roads of this most beautiful section of Whitemarsh Island.  The houses back there are amazing!  Very wealthy people must live back there.  Actually, I saw an old man and old woman driving a golf cart back there and wearing pink and baby blue polo shirts with khaki shorts.  You know they had to be rich because only old rich people would dress that way in public.  I wonder if they are the one percent?  Hmm.

Any way, it was back there that I saw the two guineas.  I imagine they must belong to that old couple in the golf cart because who else could afford to have guineas walking around in their front yard?  Not me.  I’m not the one percent.  I would have chickens walking around in my backyard and Gypsy, but no guineas.  Guineas are high class birds.  A chicken is more in my social strata.

After I left this beautiful section of Whitemarsh I reconnected with highway 80 around where Island’s expressway drains into hwy 80 and followed that up to Bryan Woods.  I ran through the Mapmaker neighborhood and exited it at Whitemarsh island drive.  I took that drive to Johnny Mercer and just before getting to the Y I turned into the police station parking and caught the Ymca trail and followed that back to the Y parking lot.

Wildlife inventory:

  • 2 guineas
  • 1 green heron
  • 1 grackle
  • 2 cats
  • 6 dogs
  • 1 squirrel

my mapped 7.01 mile run in whitemarsh island

My intention tonight was to only run 6 miles but when I looked down at my gps timex watch I had covered 6.5 miles.  So, I decided to go ahead and push the extra half mile for a clean 7 despite my feet’s discomfort.  That’s what a man does…he grits his teeth, wipes away the tears and snot from his face and runs an extra half mile to make it a clean 7.01 mile run!  Remember that!

  • run log
  • mapped run
  • total miles on grey bikilas: 161.4
  • total real miles for 2012: 304.13
  • total treadmill miles for 2012: 41.41
  • Gypsy walk mileage for the day: 1.31 mile
  • Gypsy mapped walk

This week’s training:

  1. Monday: projected run: 7 miles.  Actual run: 7.03 miles
  2. Tuesday: projected run: 6 miles.  Actual run: 7.01 miles
  3. Wednesday: projected run: 6 miles
  4. Thursday: projected run: 7 miles
  5. Friday: projected run: 6 miles
  6. Saturday: projected run: 18 miles
  7. Sunday: projected run: 0, zilch, nada.  Rest & relaxation day, my friends.

projected total for the week: 49 miles

Accumulated so far this week: 14.04 miles

Well, that’s it for now.  Sleep is beckoning.

Thank you for stopping by.

I wish you and yours the very, very best.

Take care and God bless.




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