Running when not feeling like it

highway 80 where the rtt parking lot is at

I ran 6.25 miles yesterday with a running buddy, Nelson.  Yesterday, was one of those days that I simply did not feel like running but I made myself do it.  When I finished work yesterday I took my dog for a walk and afterward wanted to go play with my new AR Drone 2.0.  Instead, I got in my car and drove to the rails to trails.  I was scheduled to run 6 miles on Wednesday but I really, really did not want to run 6 miles.  I thought, if I just run 4 miles, that should be enough.  No.  I need to stick to my schedule.  Fortunately, Nelson, was just arriving at the rtt for his 6 mile run and walked up to my car as I was preparing for the run.  He asked if I wanted to run together and I agreed.  That’s an accountability running partner, I think…And, it worked.

My legs, especially, my calves, were very tight.  I had my calf sleeves on.  When we started the run I was hurting bad and Nelson pulled ahead of me and kept a distance of about 100 yards ahead of me.  Around mile 2 my legs began to loosen up some and I was able to close the gap between Nelson and I considerably…I could actually hear the sound of his shoes as they connected with the ground.  I followed him at this close of a distance to the end of the trail and then back up it.  Since I was hot on his heels I began to notice his foot stride.  Nelson lands on the forefront of his feet when running despite using conventional running shoes.  That’s really good!  When I slap on my conventional running shoes such as the Nike Free’s I have to remind myself to land on the forefront of my feet when running in them.  Of course, that is not the case when I’m running with vff’s.  I naturally land on the forefront of my feet when running in vff’s.

It wasn’t until just past the 3 mile mark that I felt pain free and completely loose.  It was then that I not only closed the gap between Nelson and I but pulled far ahead of me.  I felt so good that I pushed an extra quarter of a mile.

wildlife inventory:

  • 4 pelicans
  • 1 sparrow
  • 1 large gnarly insect that flew into my mouth and had me hacking until I was able to spit out part of it.  The other part made it to my stomach.  Disgusting!

western section of the rtt

Tonight’s run is set to 7 miles.  It’s going to be an easy, slow 7 miles.  I’m trying to expand my weekly mileage base not speed train.  So, easy is the name of the game tonight.  I’m also going to work out at the gym before the run.

  • run log
  • mapped run
  • total miles on blue bikilas: 257.71
  • total real miles for 2012:310.38
  • total treadmill miles for 2012: 41.41
  • total mileage for Gypsy walk: 1.49
  • mapped Gypsy walk

This week’s training:

  1. Monday: projected run: 7 miles.  Actual run: 7.03 miles
  2. Tuesday: projected run: 6 miles.  Actual run: 7.01 miles
  3. Wednesday: projected run: 6 miles.  Actual run: 6.25 miles
  4. Thursday: projected run: 7 miles
  5. Friday: projected run: 6 miles
  6. Saturday: projected run: 18 miles
  7. Sunday: projected run: 0, zilch, nada.  Rest & relaxation day, my friends.

projected total for the week: 49 miles

Accumulated so far this week: 20.29 miles

Okay, that’s it for now.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Please leave me a comment if you have any questions or advice.  I love it when I get comments that are not from Viagra or Louis Vuitton knock-off’s. 😉

All the very best to you and yours.

Take care and God bless.




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