I saw a snake during my run

garter snake in the middle of the rails to trails

garter snake in the middle of the rails to trails

Yesterday evening’s run was eventful.  I ran 10.2 miles McQueen’s Island, mainly on the rtt.  Just before the run I came across one of those secretive coastal birds I reported like a month ago or so that have a body kind of like a gourd or something.  The bird is called a curlew.  I took about a hundred pictures but only one was okay.  And,  at the start of the run I came across a fairly long garter snake.  I stopped momentarily to snap a few pictures of it.  I continued my run as the high tide was ebbing away leaving behind exposed mud and a smell that can best be described as the smell of ass…not good!

this is the curlew i saw yesterday. i think that's what it's called. :/

I ran the eastern section of the rtt until it’s end (or I should say the beginning since that’s where the rtt officially begins) and then continued into the newish trail which was knee deep with fiddler crabs, not to mention the ground was very wet and spongy.  I tried my best to avoid stepping on fiddler crabs but there were so many of them on the trail and with the trail being wet and dark brown it was hard to distinguish between crabs and the mulch on the trail.  Hopefully, I didn’t step on any but, if I were a betting man I would bet that a few crabs died during my run.  Sorry.

I exited the new trail and ran across highway 80 down the small road to Lazaretto Creek pier.  At the pier I snapped a couple of pictures and ran back toward the rtt but decided that I felt good so, I crossed the bridge into Ft. Pulaski where I did a quick loop around the parking lot in front of the old fortress.  I left Ft. Pulaski behind and caught the eastern section of the rtt again and ran back to the mid-section where my car awaited.

up close and personal with the garter snake i ran upon at the rails to trails

wildlife inventory:

  • 1 garter snake
  • 1 curlew
  • 6 snowy egrets
  • 5 great egrets
  • 5 seagulls
  • 34 grackles
  • 1 billion fiddler crabs
  • 4 dogs
  • 2 cats
  • about 100 minnows in the water
  • 1 wasp
  • 1 dragonfly

The day before yesterday I ran 9.6 miles on the island and ended up getting my iphone wet again.  This is the third time that my iphone has gotten wet.  Right now, I can only use one app at a time on the phone.  If I want to use another app I have to reboot the phone.  I had my iphone wrapped up inside a large freezer ziplock bag but water still got inside the bag.  Or perhaps, condensation formed inside it.  Any way, my phone is all jacked up.  The camera on it does not work but the sound works now which is weird because the sound stopped working on my iphone the last time i got it wet and had not worked since.  Now at least, that works.

the newish trail. see how dark the color of the ground is? it was hard to tell the difference between what was crab and what was mulch.

This past Monday, I ran 5.75 miles on the treadmill at the gym because it was pouring down rain after work.  We’ve had  a lot of rain as of late.  This is good because we need the rain but, bad because my iphone gets wet.

run stats:

  • run log
  • total miles on NB MT10’s: 97.59
  • total real miles for 2012: 540.85
  • total treadmill miles for 2012: 57.24

shrimp boats with the lazaretto creek bridge in the background

I’m feeling pretty good today.  So, I may go for a short run this evening after I help out my parents.  This weekend I’m going for a pretty long run.  Next weekend, I have the bad marsh 50k.  I’m approaching this race more as a fun training run rather than a race.  There’s going to be a lot of cool people there that I know.  Cremator is next month.  I’m calling July redemption month because of the Cremator.  I will complete the race this year.  It’s almost time for my redemption!

Most of my running the past few weeks has been with the New Balance MB10’s.  That’s a damned good shoe!  I highly recommend this shoe to anyone interested in a minimalist running shoe for long distance running.  For short distances, I stick with my vff’s simply because I love my bikilas.

I’m going to try and get back into the groove of writing about my running every day.  Once I let something go it becomes so difficult for me to restart it.  That’s what happened with my running blog.  I started to think, why should I write about my running?  It’s not like anyone really reads my blog.  Well, a few people actually do.  And, I truly do enjoy writing about my running.  So, I gotta get back to doing this on a regular basis again.  I also have to write about my good friend, Mr. Gypsy.  He says that I need to put him on my website again because people are forgetting who he is because I’m not talking about him enough.  So, I will add a Gypsy blog soon.  And, cooking, too!  This past weekend I had some friends over and I cooked a gumbo for them.  It was a great time with good friends.  And, the gumbo truly was killer.  I’ll post the recipe later down the road.

That’s it for now.  We still have to try and save some turtles on highway 80.  I counted 3 more dead ones yesterday during my run.  That sucks.

We also have to see what we can do to save the rails to trails.  The poor trail is getting battered badly by the elements.  It is literally washing away.  Parts of the trail are nearly impassable as the trail has eroded so much and other parts are almost unrunnable due to the large knuckle-sized loose rocks covering parts of the trail thickly.

entrance to the mid-section of the rtt that's eroding away

Well, that’s it for now.

Thank you for stopping.

I wish you and yours the ultimate best.

Take care and God bless.




people fishing on the lazaretto creek pier



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