A very rough 20 mile run

at the end of my twenty miler. I was hurting. I ran in my new balance mb10's - great shoes! I'm wearing swift softs. good socks

I had a disappointing 20 mile run today.  The last six miles were very uncomfortable.  My right hip was throbbing and, the balls of my feet were blistered and very agitated. This is not good considering that next weekend I’m running the Bad Marsh 50k.  Those last six miles were quite painful regardless of how many times I told myself that the pain was all mental.  The pain wasn’t all mental.  The pain was truly was quite physical.  I tried to remind myself of that line in Promethius where the robot guy quoted a movie line, “the trick is not minding that it hurts”.  That didn’t work either.  I did mind that it hurt!  I don’t know if I can squeeze out 31 miles under the kind of discomfort I felt today during this 20 miler.

Aside from the six miles of discomfort, though, today’s run was actually quite nice!  I saw a dolphin as I was running the Bull River Bridge!  What a great way to finish up such an uncomfortable run!  Seeing that dolphin actually gave me the energy to finish the run in less than a ten minute mile!  I finished the last mile at a 9:54 minute pace.  Pretty slow, I know but may I remind you that my hip was throbbing and my feet were blistered.  And, it was like 80-something degrees.  😉

No excuses, I know.

my finish time and distance

Wildlife inventory:

  • 56 pelicans
  • 22 seagulls
  • 1 dolphin
  • 3 butterflies
  • 2 red winged black birds
  • 2 great egrets
  • 4 snowy egrets
  • 1 great blue heron
  • 1 curlew
  • 1 sparrow
  • 4 crows
  • 5 city pigeons
  • 1 dove
  • 2 mocking birds
  • 1 million or so fiddler crabs
  • 1 dead marsh turtle on highway 80
  • 3 marsh turtle shells (2 on the zombie trail, one on the newish trail)
  • 1 wasp

the stuff I started my run with

My original plan was to park at the mid-section of the rails to trails and run from there to Tybee Island and, to take a few scenic routes here and there and finish up with a twenty to twenty-four mile run.  Well, the eastward traffic on highway 80 was bumper to bumper due to people wanting to hit the beach on such a beautiful Saturday.  I was stuck in traffic for about twenty minutes.  So, I decided to pull into the parking lot of the Flying Fish and started my run from there.

I started the run with a twenty-two ounce bottle of water and a freezer ziplock bag with the following contents:

  1. 3 gels – 2 gu blackberry and 1 honey stinger banana.  I downed the two blackberry gels during the run.  One I consumed at mile 9 and the other at 15.
  2. $6.00 to use for fluid replenishing along the way.  I spent $4.00 on a 32 ounce bottle of dasani water & a 32 ounce bottle of zero powerade.  In all, I consumed 86 ounces of fluids during my run…not enough!
  3. 12 electrolyte pills by salt stick.  I consumed 5 electrolyte pills.

Upon completion of the run my large freezer ziplock bag had the following things:

  1. 1 honey stinger banana gel
  2. $2.00
  3. 7 electrolyte pills by salt stick
  4. 1 sea shell I picked up when I reached the beach.
  5. 1 dime I found on the road while running.  Yes, I do stop to pick up money when I see it on the ground while running.

sea shell and dime i found during the run

From Flying Fish, I hopped onto highway 80 and ran eastward with the bumper to bumper traffic.  I ran the Bull River Bridge.  At the end of the bridge I caught the zombie trail and followed it until it ended at the Bull River.  I turned around and ran eastward until connecting again with hwy 80 and then hopped onto the rails to trails and followed that until it ended at the entrance of Ft. Pulaski.

I caught the newish trail and followed it until it ended on highway 80.  I followed highway 80 crossing the Lazaretto Creek bridge and then onto Tybee Island.  On the other side of the Lazaretto Creek I took a side road that led me to Lazaretto Creek. There I saw a pretty young lady with her boyfriend who remarked that I was a “jogging fool” because he saw me earlier when I was running toward Tybee Island.  I laughed off the remark and ran onward toward Tybee until I did a stop at a Chu’s convenience store where I bought my refreshments.  I then continued eastward until the Atlantic Ocean prevented me from going further eastward.  I turned around and started my run back but first I veered off onto Catalina road and followed that very pleasant street with the million dollar homes until it ended.  I then went back to highway 80, crossed the Lazaretto Creek bridge, hopped back onto the Newish trail and followed that to the entrance of Ft. Pulaski where I caught the rtt again.

I followed the rtt until I hit the mid-section of it, complaining a great deal along the way about my poor stinking feet and right hip.  I was in such discomfort.  I then hopped back onto highway, crossed the Bull River where I saw the magnificent dolphin that gave me super powers for the last mile where I finished my 20.22 mile run with a 9:54 minute pace.  Not too shabby, not too good.  Definitely, nothing to brag about.

Run stats:

  • run log
  • total miles on New Balance NB MB10’s: 117.8
  • total real miles for 2012: 561.07
  • total treadmill miles for 2012: 57.24
  • total gypsy walk mileage: 1 mile

Yes, after my painful run I had to take Mr. Gypsy for his daily walk.  He will not poop unless I take him for a walk.  The walk with Mr. Gypsy was pleasant as always even, though, he did not seem to regard my condition at all  as he pulled me through the entire walk.  I think I was in more pain due to my walk with Gypsy than I was due to my long run! 😉

at the end of my 20 miler. i was spent

Thank you so much for stopping.

All the very best to you and yours.

Take care and God bless.




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