My Achilles Heel

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I have had problems with my right Achilles for well over a month.  My right Achilles hurts through-out the day.  And, when I run it hurts for about the first two miles but then the pain subsides.  I then feel fine until about thirty minutes or so after the run.  Then, I begin the whole, “ouch, my Achilles hurts again” thing.  Icing the sore spot does wonders.  So, that is something I must do often.

The icing method I’m utilizing for my Achilles is submerging my right foot in frigid water and shrieking loudly because I’m a cold water wimp.

Actually, what I prefer to do is fill up the tub (or a bucket in this case) of room temperature tap water and have another container filled with ice.  I then stick my foot in the normal temperature water and begin throwing ice into it until I’ve emptied all of the ice into the bucket that has my foot in it.  I take about five minutes in adding all of the ice to the bucket.  The water becomes cold quite quickly but at least it’s not a shock to my system.  I can tolerate the cold water somewhat doing it this way.

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When I soak in a ice tub I do it the same way.  I fill the tub with lukish warm water and once I’m situated in the tub for about five minutes I add a couple of bags of ice.  It’s always an unpleasant experience but the healing effects of ice water on a sore body truly does wonders in getting me back to doing the things I love to do – running and whatever else.  If you’re a cold water wimp like me, though, just grit your teeth and deal with the 15 minutes or so of frigid hell…the benefits are worth it.

FYI: I haven’t been blogging consistently on this website.  Instead, I’ve joined the Daily Mile and that’s where I’ve been updating my training and running.  I want to get back to writing consistently on my site again but I just haven’t been able to really get back into it.

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My life has become a bit busy as of late as I prepare the linux environment in the Montgomery Hall labs for the upcoming Fall quarter at Scad.  Also, I’m planning and working on Savannah’s first Ultra Marathon that will tentatively take place on Saturday, January 12, 2013.  Exciting stuff, eh?  Yeah, Savannah is finally getting an ultra marathon and yours truly is playing a big part in it.  This of course, would not be possible without Robert Espinosa and Chris Ramsey of Fleet Feet Savannah and Tim Waz of Low Country Ultras.  These two organizations are backing us up as we plan out and execute the Savannah Rails to Trails 50k, Savannah’s first Ultra Marathon!  Yeah!

I cannot give too much information at this time because we are still seeking permission for holding the event on the Ft. Pulaski grounds and the Rails to Trails.  So far, Chatham County has given us the green light to use the Rails to Trails but we haven’t heard from Ft. Pulaski yet.  I’ll let you all know when the green light is given.

Please pray and keep your fingers crossed!

Thanks for stopping by.

All the best to you and yours.

Take care and God bless.




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