A Training Run in Waterton Canyon in Colorado

Waterton Canyon

Today I ran 8.1 miles in one of my favorite places in the world, – Waterton Canyon in Littleton, Colorado.
So, what am I doing in Colorado? I’m visiting my brother, Bobby, and his family. Also, this Saturday, I’m running the RnR Denver half marathon. It’s going to be fun.

I arrived in Denver this morning around 8:30am. My brother picked me up and then we headed to his house where I quickly downed a banana and a honey crisp organic apple. That was the most amazing tasting apple ever! I’m going to buy some to take back to Savannah with me. They are so good.

After the apple and the banana I headed out the front door and ran to Waterton Canyon a mile away. I followed the dirt path for three miles as it worked it’s way up the canyon parallel to the Platte River. When my Timex Run Trainer read 4.06 miles, I turned around and headed back.  The run back was fast because I was now heading downhill.

the waterton canyon bighorn sheep

As I approached 6 miles I came across a small herd of Waterton Canyon Big Horn sheep. It was totally killer! I stopped for about 10 minutes and took lots of pictures.
That’s what one of the things I love about Waterton Canyon – the amazing wildlife viewing opportunities.  This Waterton Canyon herd is kind of a pet project of the Littleton area and the people here are rightly very proud and protective of these creatures.

wildlife inventory:

  • a bunch of big horn sheep
  • 11 butterflies
  • 1 dragon flie
  • 1 large squirrel. This was much bigger than any squirrel I’ve seen in Savannah
  • 8 moths
  • 16 ducks
  • 1 bird that looked like a mocking bird but I don’t know if there are mocking birds here or not. I’ll have to research this.

the bighorn sheep

Today’s run was more of a test run for me to see how I perform in a higher altitude than Savannah’s. I was pleased with the outcome.  The truth is that I breathed a little harder than usual but it was nothing that concerned me nor, negatively affected me.  Saying that, though, the run back to my brother’s neighborhood had me huffing and puffing as I worked my way up to his home. altitude did not affect me much until I hit the last hill that leads to my brother’s house.

The minimum altitude of my run was: 5506′
The maximum altitude during my run was: 5647′

The temperature during the run was 70 degrees with humidity at 21%. I took a hand-held 22 ounce water bottle with me for the run and emptied it by the time I made it back to my brother’s house.

On Friday, I’m hitting the RnR Expo.  I’ll take lots of pictures through-out the trip and will upload them to my facebook account and my twitter account. If you want to check out my twitter account it is: @runzombierun or, friend me on facebook, if you prefer.

My projected finish time for the RnR marathon in Denver is 1:45 but I’m shooting for lower. Let’s see how my body behaves on Saturday!

cool rock formation in waterton canyon

Okay, that’s it, I think.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

peace to you and yours,


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