Go Pro and the Portal in Bonaventure Cemetery

a cool fish eye look of the portal in bonaventure cemetery

Today’s run was eventful. I saw lots of wildlife and, I ran with my new gopro camera! My run was 14.62 miles long. Around mile 14 the gopro began to irritate my head as it became pretty darn heavy. My head felt weighed down. Good thing I had only a little more than half a mile to go to end the run. It was all good, though.

I ran from my house to Bonaventure Cemetery and then after running the perimeter of the cemetery I cruised out of it and ventured into Greenwich cemetery. While I ran through Bonaventure I followed my ritual of going through the “portal”. The “portal” is a large monument built by a family that has a doorway with a statue of Jesus at the doorway. I started calling that monument the portal several years ago and make it a point to always run through it. I goof around with the idea that not to run through the portal when I’m visiting Bonaventure cemetery would disrupt the fabric of our very existence and would unleash havoc on our planet by opening a gateway from hell that begins to overrun our world with zombies and giant sized cockroaches, maggots and flies!

Some times, when I go through the portal I’m transported to different planets and dimensions but that’s a story for a rainy day and some hot chocolate.

After the cemeteries, I ran to the Wilmington River pier where I saw a lady catch a blue crab. I then continued onward, going over the Thunderbolt bridge and running through Isle of Armstrong.

the one, the only, the me!

I took several videos with the gopro as I ran today. It was fun!

wildlife inventory:
1 blue crab
2 raccoons
121 butterflies
1 fiddler crab
1 woodpecker
1 king fisher
1 crow
1 red tail hawk
6 doves
16 squirrels
4 dogs
1 cat
1 dragon fly
2 moths
3 seagulls
2 sparrows
7 mocking birds

That’s a lot of animals, eh? It was an exciting run. Speaking of excitement, I even got stung by a hornet on my left thigh. My thigh burned for about a mile but thankfully, my wolverine powers overcame the venom of the hornet and I am fine now.

During the run I again experienced a great deal of discomfort on the balls of my feet. My feet sweat a lot and the constant banging on the ground on very sweaty feet will begin making the balls of my feet very tender. Blisters formed on both feet and popped and it just made the run less than perfect.
Anyone have any advice on how to successfully deal with blisters forming on the balls of your feet?

I also have blisters on other parts of my feet and in between my toes but that’s fine. Those do not bother me. It’s the blisters on the bottom of the feet that really irk me. So, any remedy that you know of please share with me. I will be forever indebted to you, maybe.

Okay. I think that’s it.

peace to you and yours.



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