A New Year’s Slacker does Okay

that's me and my great great great grandpop, hernando de soto

I started off the new year with a pretty bad fizzle.  I was supposed to jump out of bed at 7:00 am, brush my teeth, take the dog out, grab a quick, light bite to eat and then hit the Rails 2 Trails at 8:00 with a dozen people and run at least 12 miles.  Instead, I slept and I slept and I slept.  By the time I got out of bed it was quickly approaching 9:00 am.  What happened to my brand new start for the year?  I forgot to set my alarm clock. :/

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

A river walk I had not ventured on before yesterday's new year's run.

After I dug my head out of my butt I signed onto Facebook and confronted my running peeps and apologized for being so slack.  Their response?  They forgave me but did not sugar coat anything – they agreed with me – I’m a slacker!  It’s true.  I mean, it was true.  I was a slacker but my slackness did not last all day.  At 3:30 pm, I met up with another running buddy, Masumi, outside of the Sentient Bean and we ran a good part of 12 miles together.  When we parted I ran toward River Street and ended up with 14.25 miles.  I was pleased.

my 14.25 route

That new year’s run was quite awesome.  I hit areas of downtown Savannah I had not run before.  I ran the Talmadge bridge to and fro, hit the race track on Hutchinson Island where I ended up seeing a donkey eating grass near the side of the road.  I then worked my way back toward the Sentient Bean via Price ave.

So, did I redeem myself?  Maybe not…some of my running peeps said that my mileage only counted for half since I stood them up.  Fair enough.  I deserve that.  Still, though, 14.25 or 7.12, it was still a great run through downtown Savannah on a glorious new year’s day.  And, I’m ready for more!

donkey i saw in hutchinson island

Gotta run.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  I pray that 2013 may be one of the most amazing year’s in your lives.  Stay strong!  Run Strong.  And, be happy!  It’s all good in the end.




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1 comment for “A New Year’s Slacker does Okay

  1. Gregg Geiger
    2013/01/02 at 8:18 pm

    Dan, I never feel guilty about missing a run, walking, or coming up short. When I’m on, I’m on & happy about it. But we all have less-than-fabulous days. I guarantee you there were many other people even your young age who wouldn’t have dreamt of running. So you run later, or the next day. Can’t let it be the end of the world. No guilt. Just sayin’.

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