Update on Chase the Sun Ultra

I’ve changed the Chase the Sun Ultra loop slightly in order to squeeze a little more distance out of it.  The new longer loop follows a lot of the initial loop.  This evening, I ran it three times and all three times I got different distances on my gps.  Last week, I ran it once and got 1.9 miles on that new loop.  I don’t get it.

  1. Lap 1: 1.84 miles
  2. Lap 2: 1.79 miles
  3. Lap 3: 1.77 miles

What’s with that?  With each consecutive lap I lost distance even though, the loop was the very same!  I don’t get it!

lap 1: 1.84

lap 1: 1.84

lap 2: 1.79 miles

lap 2: 1.79 miles

lap 3: 1.77 miles

lap 3: 1.77 miles

I have to figure out a more precise method for measuring distance.  I think I’m going to have to look into certifying this course before Chase the Sun Ultra, if that’s possible.  I’ll have to read up on how long the process takes to certify a course and then start on it.  I don’t like it at all that every time I run the loop I get a different distance.  How whack is that?

The initial loop ranged in gps readings between 1.72 and 1.79.  How does that happen?  Is this like the magical woods of Whitemarsh Island?  I’ve heard that Savannah is the most haunted city in America but does that also apply to running trails?  I wonder if this preserve was once an Indian burial ground?  Maybe, it was in these woods that the early inhabitants of Savannah burned a bunch of witches for being – witches or something!  And now, they roam this preserve trying to add confusion to runners by changing the course ever so slightly.  I think these ghost witches are trying to slowly drive me Koo-kooh.  I don’t koo-kooh so easily my dear ghostly witches…hahaha!  I shall have the last lap.  I mean, last laugh.  Geez.

There’s an interesting article by US Track and Field explaining the process for certifying a course.  I’ll have to reread it.  Here it is: Course Certification

Well, aside from the shifty course, Chase the Sun Ultra has a dozen registered runners for it and has three sponsors so far!

Also, we have the women’s shirt design finalized!

women's shirt for chase the sun ultra

women’s shirt for chase the sun ultra

We are offering women sizes in the race shirt selection with a logo design exclusive to the ladies.  The men’s shirt, – well, we haven’t gotten any where with that just yet.  The men’s shirt will be the same color (the blue you see above) but the little guy running with the kite will not be on the shirt.  We’ll rely more on the logo, a much larger logo.  The shirts will be the wicking kind but a smoother material from the one we had for LSM R2T Ultra.

We are also offering massage purchases at registration.  Dr. Erin Mitchell of HealthSource will be providing the massages for $10.00 for ten minutes.  She provided the massages at the LSM R2T Ultra back in January.  She’s amazing.

As for our latest sponsors here they are:

  1. Hammer Nutrition
  2. Brasseler USA
  3. South Magazine


Brasseler USA

Brasseler USA

South Magazine

South Magazine

I have an excellent team working with me on this race.  We’re going to give you all your money’s worth and, also make it worth the time for Liam’s Land – which, after all, is what this race is about!  I truly want this race to be a huge benefactor to Liam’s Land.  I want this race to be the BIG Yearly event for Liam’s Land.  I want to be a part of finding a cure for lymphatic malformations.  Together, with Chase the Sun Ultra, we’re heading in the right direction for a cure one day!

Btw, I’ll be running in Chase the Sun.  I’m going to put together a relay team and we’re going to rock this race!  And, in between running laps for Liam’s Land, I’ll be cooking a seafood paella out there at the Whitemarsh Island Preserve.

There are going to be 10 relay teams per race – 10 relay teams for the 12 hour race and 10 relay teams for the 6 hour race.  We already have one relay team – called, “Tag, you’re it!”

I’m not sure which race I want to run as a relay.  I’m really wanting to do the 12 hour relay but I’m not sure if that is going to be feasible since I’m the RD on this race.  We’ll see.

So, there you have it, – an update on Chase the Sun Ultra coming to you on Saturday, September 21, 2013.  I hope you will be a part of this race as either a runner, volunteer or spectator.  Please join us!

 Chase the Sun Ultra Race Website: http://danlhernandez.com/chasethesun2013.php

Registration site for Chase the Sun Ultra: http://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=19584

Thank you for stopping by.

Hope to see you at the race.






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