Building up my Luna Sandal Running Base and Blisters

sunset with lunas at the rtt

sunset with lunas at the rtt

I love my Luna Sandals but they do not seem to love me, though.  Almost every time I run in them I get blisters, predominately, on my right foot, a couple of inches below the big toe, on the ball of my foot.  The other blister which is about 3 inches long and approximately an half inch wide is toward the outside of the foot around the area where the straps meet the sole of the sandal.  These are the two places that get hammered with blisters.  The rest of the right foot is fine.  The left foot is perfect.

luna sandal blisters

luna sandal blisters

Some fellow Luna sandal monkeys have suggested that perhaps my straps are not adjusted correctly or, that I’m favoring one side more than the other.  It was suggested by Luna sandal veteran ultra runner, Caleb Wilson, that I should perhaps video tape my stride to see if I can learn something that might be causing this problem on the right foot more than the left.  Next week I will do just that!  I’ll set up my gopro on the front of the treadmill and video my running for about 10 minutes or so and then move the camera to the back of the treadmill and video that as well.

In the mean time, I’m alternating between my Lunas, VFF’s and NB Minimus but the blister problem is strictly with the Lunas.

My running log so far with the Luna sandals is:

  1. 04/25: 4.45 miles (road) – 1st run ever in Luna Sandals!
  2. 04/27: 15.55 miles (road)
  3. 04/29: 6.15 miles (road and gravelly alleyway)
  4. 05/04: 10 miles (rails to trails – pebbly, sandy terrain)
  5. 05/07: 5.34 miles (treadmill)
  6. 05/08: 6.09 miles (road)
  7. 05/09: 6.54 miles (road)
  8. 05/11: 3.58 miles (road)
  9. 05/13: 7.07 miles (road)
  10. 05/14: 8.08 miles (road and trail)
  11. 05/15: 6.24 miles (road and alley)
with molesking all is well

with molesking all is well

On two of my last 3 runs I’ve added moleskin to the hot spot on the ball of my foot and I’m happy to say that I’ve not developed any blisters there since doing so.

My last run (yesterday) was sans moleskin and I have a new blister.  Oh well, I’ll keep working with the laces and straps and see if I can find a happy solution to this dilemma.  Until then, I’ll keep alternating between running shoes (which I always intend to do) and when using the lunas, will apply moleskins to the hot spots.

without moleskin, i get more blisters.  this was after wednesday's run

without moleskin, i get more blisters. this was after wednesday’s run

In closing, I will say that the luna sandals are proving to be excellent running shoes for rocky trails and on the hot Georgia asphalt.  Pebbles do slip into the sandals occasionally but that’s the nature of running with sandals that I do not think I can overcome fully.

I’ll keep you posted on the sandals.

yup. at the end of the rails to trails where the prayer flags are

yup. at the end of the rails to trails where the prayer flags are




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8 comments for “Building up my Luna Sandal Running Base and Blisters

  1. Nu Flater
    2013/06/09 at 8:31 am

    Intense rubbing can cause a blister, as can any friction on the skin if continued long enough. This kind of blister is most common after walking long distances or by wearing new or poorly fitting pair of shoes.;“’

    Take a look at our own website as well

  2. RunDanRun
    2013/06/10 at 8:51 am

    Thanks, Nu!
    I think the reason for this blister was simply because I had not learned how to adjust the straps to my lunas. Since this blog entry, I’ve cranked out a lot of blister-free miles. In the past two weeks, I’ve cranked out a 37 miler and a 20 miler without as much as a raw spot on my feet.
    I think I finally got the hang of them.

  3. Kacy
    2013/06/19 at 8:35 pm

    Any tips on how to adjust the straps to prevent this type of blister? I’m having the same problem, except mostly on my left foot.

    • RunDanRun
      2013/06/20 at 5:42 am

      Hi Kacy,
      To be honest, I don’t have a well documented procedure on how I resolved this problem but what I can say is that I played with the straps a lot! I tightened them up as much as I could. I loosened them up as much as I could. I then repeated this process a lot during and after every run until I seemed to have found the right adjustment and the blisters stopped happening. I guess I’m saying that I just played with the straps until I found what stopped the blistering. And, I think also the skin on the bottom of my feet toughened up some as well.

      I’ve cranked out almost 300 miles on my lunas in the past one and a half months and for the past few weeks I’ve not had one blister! This past Saturday I ran 25 miles in them and no blisters. This weekend I’m running a 50k in the lunas and feel confident that I’ll be blister free.

      If you can keep playing with those straps you will find the solution, Kacy.
      I’m sorry that my answer is not very specific or scientific.
      Good luck!


      • Kacy
        2013/06/20 at 8:07 am

        That still helps. It at least gives me hope that the blisters will stop, so I can enjoy my Lunas even more. Minus the blisters, I love running in them. Thank you!

  4. Gavin
    2013/07/22 at 2:47 pm

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for sharing your troubles with blisters! I just started running in some Luna Monos and instantly got blisters on both feet. I don’t do the kind of distance that you do (though I’d love to one day) only 10km’s generally. Did you find that tighter or loose straps worked best?



    • RunDanRun
      2013/07/24 at 11:00 am

      Hi Gavin,
      For me, the answer has not been the looseness or tightness of the straps, – as strange as that may sound. The straps on my lunas are firm but my foot still moves around in them especially when the conditions are wet and yet, I no longer get blisters. Also, I can easily slide the lunas on and off my feet. So, if I were to answer your question in any way that may seem correct I would say it would have to be to keep the strags snug but not tight and definitely not too loose.

      I do believe the solution, though, is in your feet toughening up where normally you get the hot spots which for me was on the ball of my right foot in the area below the big toe. This past weekend I ran 23 miles in rain and did not develop any blisters. Also, I’ve run a couple of 50k’s in the last two months and no blisters. The straps on my lunas are just as snug today on my feet as the first time I put them on. Now, I just don’t get blisters.

      I hope that helps.

      Good luck with your lunas and in your running. Please keep me updated on how you do with them.
      Thanks for your contact!



  5. Mark
    2013/08/16 at 1:46 pm

    Hey Dan,

    I’m in a similar boat. Both balls of my feet develop hotspots toward the heel in my Monos. It was really bad, now not so much but still happening. After three days in my Lunas I have to run in shoes for a day to let my feet get back to 100%.

    I generally have the laces super-tight, maybe I’ll try them a little looser next run.

    Thanks for the info!

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