Rocking Runner of the Week: Drew Rabun


I’m back at it with the Rocking Runner of the Week.  This week’s RRoW is an incredibly fast and powerful runner, and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  At a race, this guy is probably going to be at the front leading the way.  He is a Savannah Strider with a heart gold.

Please take a few moments to learn a little more about our Rocking Runner of the Week, Drew Rabun.



  • Name: Drew Rabun
  • How long have you been running?  4 years
  • What brought you to running?  A Divorce and a Brain Tumor
  • What do you get from running?  It keeps me sane! As a bonus, I have made some really good friends for life through the sport.
  • What kind of runner are you (5k demon, 10k road runner, half marathon madman/woman, marathon zombie, ultra-nutjob, make up your own description)?  I enjoy 10K up to the Marathon. Right now, the marathon is my focus, but I like the shorter races too. Really, races in general keep me motivated and keep the competitive juices flowing.
  • Are you a trail runner or road runner?  Road Runner all the way! I hate hills, and straight lines are definitely my friend!
  • Do you race?  favorite race?  Why is that your favorite race & how many times have you run that race?  I don’t really have a favorite race. I like trying new races and any race that I can PR in becomes a favorite race. I do enjoy Tybee because every year is so different and the camraderie is really something special.
  • If you could run any race in the whole world which would it be and why?  Boston has been my goal for a long time, and I am going to be racing it this year! I guess I need to think of a new race.
  • How many times do you run per week and what is your weekly mileage average?  6-7 days a week for an average of 70-80 miles
  • Favorite running shoe?  Why?  Newton distance. I have 3 unopened pairs at all times. They are lightweight and work the best for my feet and my running style.
  • Do you have any specific running goal?  Run a sub 2:44 marathon
  • What is a running milestone of yours? Pr and such?  My 2:48 PR and second place finish at the Hilton Head Marathon was a great one for me. I also qualified for New York Marathon with my 1:18 Half Marathon at the Jacksonville Bank Half Marathon.
  • Please share a funny and/or an interesting moment you’ve experienced running (could be racing or training).  A rookie mistake of using a GU and Redbull for a 5K.  Let’s just say I could not find a bathroom at the finish fast enough.  My first 5K was 26 mins
  • Do you have any training tips you would like to share?  Increase the intensity for your overall training, and always enjoy the recovery days. 

Please name three inspirational runners to you and why they are inspirational (they can be famous, family, friends).

  • Mo Waite- Mo is the reason I started training harder. He made me realize the importance of speedwork and tempo runs.
  • Sarah Batt- She encourages me to focus on the little things that can help improve my running.  She is always willing to help and listen to me complain about my running performance. She always keeps it very positve.
  • I really admire the runners that don’t have speed as their speciality.  They run for 3+ hours to get a long run in while I am normally done around 2+ hours.  That is a mental toughness that I really respect!

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

  • I have been very fortunate to have the best group of running friends anyone can ask for.  We push each other to reach our goals, and we are there for one another during the taper weeks, throught the race, and through recovery.



There you have it.  Our latest RRoW, Mr. Drew Rabun.  He’s an amazing runner, an amazing person.  As you have seen, he has been through the ringer and has come out a stronger man.  Only 4 years of running and has already qualified for Boston and, has garnered pr’s of 2:48 marathon and, 1:18 half marathon.  That’s incredibly impressive!

And, running 70 to 80 miles a week, that technically puts him in ultra-running territory.  I wonder if we could coax him to the dark side of ultra running?  Hmmm…

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to learn a little more about our Rocking Runner of the Week, Drew Rabun.

All the best to you and yours!

Stay strong and keep at it.  You’ll get there if you don’t quit!





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