Rocking Runner of the Week: Pam Denson


The Rocking Runner of the Week is an amazing lady that is tough as nail, incredibly driven, very funny and tremendously sweet.  She lives life fully.  If she isn’t running she is jumping out of an airplane and then running 50 miles afterward.  She’s awesome, she’s cool, she’s the amazing Wonder Woman, Pam Denson!

after completing the lsm r2t 50k in 2014

after completing the lsm r2t 50k in 2014

Here ya go…


  • Name:  Pam Denson (PammyD)
  • How long have you been running? Many years….but I didn’t start running races until about 8 years ago
  • What brought you to running? I started out running to lose weight. I used to weigh about 250lbs. It wasn’t fun and I didn’t enjoy it! My, how things have changed!!
  • What do you get from running? It absolutely sets me free..spirit, soul, and body!! And once I’ve completed my run, there’s a sense of accomplishment!
  • What kind of runner are you (5k demon, 10k road runner, half marathon madman/woman, marathon zombie, ultra-nutjob, make up your own description)? Distance junkie!!
  • Are you a trail runner or road runner? In the past, I had not done any trail running due to not being able to see well, and honestly, I used to trip on everything! But I had corrective surgery two years ago, and tried my first trail run the very weekend following, and I’ve been hooked since. Truthfully, just let me run. Trail or road…I’m good!
  • Do you race? favorite race?  Why is that your favorite race & how many times have you run that race? I do race..I think. My favorite race thus far has been the Skydive Ultra! Ah-mazing fun! I completed the 50 mile Ultra, and I’m planning on going back next year to complete the 100 miler. For the most part, I like them all! Each one you learn something about yourself and what you are made of and how far you can go!
  • If you could run any race in the whole world which would it be and why?
    Bay to Breakers and Run the China Wall! A friend of mine completed that one last year and had a blast!!
  • How many times do you run per week and what is your weekly mileage average? 50-60 miles a week or so…
  • Favorite running shoe? I really like running in the Luna running Sandal. Why? I like being barefoot, so, it works for me.
  • Do you cross-train? Yes. If so, what do you do for cross-training? Hot yoga, rowing machine and some weights.
  • Do you stretch before/after running? Why or Why not? I primarily stretch after running. Actually, it’s just a habit, no rhyme or reason.
  • How do you fuel during a race or run (gels, real food, etc.)? Energy gels, pb&j’s, brownies
  • Do you taper leading up to a race?  When do you begin your taper? I taper about 3-4 to four days out from a race depending on the distance of the race.
  • Do you have any training tips you would like to share? Listen to your body and have fun!
  • What is a running milestone of yours? Pr and such? I don’t think I’ve hit it yet! Still tinkering!
  • Please share a funny and/or an interesting moment you’ve experienced running (could be racing or training) I scared a herd of deer once while running, actually, I think it was mutual.

Please name three inspirational runners to you and why they are inspirational (they can be famous, family, friends).

  1. Wilma Rudolph – I was inspired by her running as a child and actually met and had an opportunity to chat with her when I was about 15.
  2. FloJo, because she was always so pretty and so graceful, and she was lightning fast.
  3. Ernestine Shepherd…she’s not a runner, she’s an 80 year old body builder, who didn’t start lifting until she was 56 and is amazing! She reminds me to keep going!

Any favorite quote that lends itself to your running and/or philosophy on life?  Please share.

  • Go Deep. Go Hard. Go long. When against the din of discouraging thoughts, mental whining, and fluctuating emotions, you can hear that still small voice that says keep going…you know you are not done yet! Keep it rolling!

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

  • While running is an incredibly personal adventure, not one step can be accomplished without the love and support of friends, family and loved ones! Here’s to us all being under the same clown tent!
    – Much love,


PammyD way up in the sky!

PammyD way up in the sky!

You know, one of the great things about the Rocking Runner of the Week is that I learn something new and amazing about our local runners! Although, I’ve known Pam a few years I never knew that at one time she tipped the scales at 250 pounds!  Ever since I’ve known her she’s been athletically thin.  Please notice that I said “athletically thin” and not skinny.  There is a big difference.  Pam is strong, fit, exercises regularly, eats healthy and it shows!  She is in superb shape.

Pam is an inspiration to me.  She never gives up.  She sets her mind to doing something and she does it!

Pam, it is an honor having you as a Rocking Runner of the Week!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

All the best to you and yours.




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