Rocking Runner of the Week: Emily McLaughlin

Ultra Runner Emily McLaughlin

Ultra Runner Emily McLaughlin

The newest Rocking Runner of the Week is a young lady new to the ultra running world that I just met last weekend.  This past week’s GSEC 24 Hour Ultra marked her first venture into this realm of long distance happy-go-lucky running subculture.

Aside from cranking out miles running, the young lady Emily McLaughlin, also runs her own business called Fabrika Fine Fabrics.

Please take a few minutes to learn a little more about our latest Rocking Runner of the Week…

During GSEC

During GSEC


  • Name: Emily McLaughlin
  • How long have you been running? I’ve been running since I was 8 years old (almost 20 years) with my dad and 2 sisters.  He would take us out on road runs after school and sign us up for whatever races were going on in the area.
  • What brought you to running? I’ve always been an avid soccer player, and I’ve used running to keep in shape for soccer.  It’s only been in the past year or so that I’ve switched it around and made running my primary focus.  Before that, I never had any need or desire to run for more than 3-6 miles, but I’ve really been enjoying seeing how far I can push myself during my runs.
  • What do you get from running? I use running to clear my mind.  After a long day, when I’ve got a million things bouncing around my head, going out for a run always helps me cut through distracting thoughts and get to the good ideas.  As a business owner and designer, this is super helpful!
  • What kind of runner are you (5k demon, 10k road runner, half marathon madman/woman, marathon zombie, ultra-nutjob, make up your own description)?  I would’ve always said 10k road runner since that’s generally been the most comfortable distance for me, but lately I’ve been loving longer runs. I’ve found that I can get into a groove after about 6 miles in which I get my best thinkin’ done!
  • Are you a trail runner or road runner?  I’m more of a road runner- that’s what I grew up doing- but one of my goals for the summer is to experiment more with trail running. I’m excited about a change of scenery and some shade from the trees.
  • Do you race? favorite race? Why is that your favorite race & how many times have you run that race?  My favorite race is the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta. I started running that race with my family when I was 10 years old and have a lot of good memories of that day.
  • If you could run any race in the whole world which would it be and why?  I’d love to run the Cardiff Half Marathon in Wales. That’s where my dad lives- along with lots of my family- and it would feel incredible to cross the finish and see them there.
  • How many times do you run per week and what is your weekly mileage average? About 4 times per week.  Lately I’ve been averaging about 30 miles/week.
  • Favorite running shoe?  Why?  Pearl Izumi EM Road H3.  They’re what I trained for the 50k in, and what kept me running for 6 hours with no blisters.
  • Do you cross-train?  If so, what do you do for cross-training? Soccer!
  • Do you stretch before/after running? Why or Why not? Yes.  I hate stretching and I’m the least flexible person of all time, but especially with my increased distances, it’s makes such a huge difference.  When I’m diligent about stretching, it doesn’t take me the first 3 miles to loosen up…
  • How do you fuel during a race or run (gels, real food, etc.)?  I love Clif Shot Bloks.  They’re delicious and candy-like, so when I’m struggling to finish a lap, I tell myself that if I can run a little faster, I’ll get to the aid station quicker and get some candy!  Also, the energy boost I get from them is almost instantaneous.
  • Do you taper leading up to a race?  When do you begin your taper & what does it entail? I taper about 2 weeks before a race.  I try to keep running often, but I go shorter distances.
  • Do you have any training tips you would like to share?  Talk to people who have done it before! One of the most helpful things I did before running my first 50k last weekend was getting advice and some inspirational words from Jason Edenfield, Verity Gray, and Dawn Brown. Without some of their race day tips, I would’ve had to discover a couple things the hard way that could’ve really ruined a good race day (i.e. butt paste..)
  • What is a running milestone of yours? Pr and such?  My first 50k at the GSEC 6hr race. I completed 33.2 miles.
  • Please share a funny and/or an interesting moment you’ve experienced running (could be racing or training)  Just a few weeks ago, while I was running at Lake Mayer in the middle of the day, I crossed paths with an angry looking and very pregnant (and possibly rabid?!) raccoon. We stared each other down for a few seconds before both deciding to run in the opposite direction.

Please name three inspirational runners to you and why they are inspirational (they can be famous, family, friends).

  1. My dad. He was a professional soccer player and has always been an incredible athlete, and he would say that the thing that has kept him young all these years has been his running habit. He’s been running several times a week for as long as I can remember, and he continues to do that now, at the age of 71.
  2. Annie Carobine & Lacey Hartigan.  These girls have been my running buddies for the past couple of months, and they’ve made this transition into distance running so much fun!  From help organizing a training schedule to motivational talks to post-run pizza parties- these girls are the best training partners I could’ve asked for.

Any favorite quote that lends itself to your running and/or philosophy on life?  Please share.

  • “90% of running is mental…the other 10% is all in your head.”

Is there anything else that you would like to share?
Thank you, Dan, and all the incredible runners and crew that I met at the GSEC track last weekend for being so inspirational and supportive! Such an awesome group of people 🙂


After completing her first ultra!

After completing her first ultra!

There you have it, our newest RRoW!  If you see her in future races go introduce yourself to her and make her feel welcome in our awesome running community.

Thanks for stopping by.

All the best to you and yours.




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