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Hi there.  Last week, I launched a contest called “why do I run”.  The whole purpose for this contest was to give away the 50k spot that Ms. Caroline Dalis gave up for the Ledesma Sports Medicine Savannah Rails to Trails Ultra.  Ms. Dalis was very excited about running this race but unfortunately things happened and she will not be able to run it.  She asked if I would donate her spot to another 50k enthusiast and I agreed to her wishes.  The condition, though, is that those interested in this 50k spot must do a write-up (brief or long) answering the question of why they run.

Well, we have eight contestants!  And, below are there reasons on why they run.  Please, read through each of the contestant’s posts and then vote on the one you liked the most by clicking on the “why I run” picture below.  The survey is very simple with one question asking which of the writings was your favorite.  You click on the name of the one you liked the most and voila! You’re done!

This coming Friday, December 12th, I’ll tally the votes and the contestant with the most votes will win a free entry to the LSM Savannah RTT 50k that takes place January 10, 2015.  This person will also win a new 20oz Amphipod handheld.  The two runner ups will also each get a 20oz amphipod handheld.  These are pretty sweet water bottles.


When you’re ready to vote click on the “why I run” picture below and you will be directed to a surveymonkey site where you can vote for your favorite posting. 🙂 

click on the picture to vote for your favorite "why i run" response

click on the picture to vote for your favorite “why i run” response



Why do I Run?
by Kim Crowe
I run for so many reasons!  I started running to help manage stress.  My youngest daughter started having seizures that would land us in the ER every time she had one.  After a few months of that and she developed meningitis.  I needed some help dealing with stress.  I turned to running.  Running allowed me to burn off a lot of built up emotion and eventually showed me how strong I could be.  A friend suggested I sign up for a marathon and train with her.  To make a long story short I ended up running a 50k in 5:48 before my first marathon which I ran in 4:00.  I have run every race I could since then.  Running taught me that even though times can be difficult, as long as you don’t give up the finish will be worth it!  I have developed a passion for running and helping others which makes Ultras the perfect place for me bc if you know anything about Ultras you know the people are the most positive encouraging people ever!


McQueen's Island Historical Trail

McQueen’s Island Historical Trail

Why do I Run
by Sue Gury
I am 51 years old, and through my life, I have always had a large number of things that I was fearful of, some with good reason, others not. A few of my fears involved driving, mostly based on an almost accident with a semi back in the mid 80s. I started running in 2001 a few months after quitting smoking. I progressed from doing 5ks to ultramarathons within about 4 years. There are many places that are hotbeds of ultra activity, our town is fair to middling, but the surrounding counties and states have many more opportunities then our area. Of course, there would be some highway driving involved, where most of my fears originate.
In the years since I have been running, I have gone from totally avoiding all highway driving, to using the local beltway, to driving I-95 to get to a friends house for races, to my top experience, which took place yesterday. There was a 50 k about 100 miles from me on the eastern shore of Maryland, but it involved not only highway driving, but crossing the Chesapeake Bay bridge (4.3 miles). I made myself drive down, do the race, and drive back, knowing full well that there would be highways, rain, and a big long scary bridge to contend with. Running is about the only thing that I love so much, that I would make myself confront my fears. I have also worked on my social anxieties by becoming a part of a vibrant running group.
In my case, running is helping me conquer my fears.


RTT Ultra 2014

RTT Ultra 2014

Why do I Run
by Stephanie Moore
I run because something interesting happens from the time you step foot out the door until the time you return. The mind is racing, you can plan your shopping list, over analyze that really good book you just read, repeat a fight you had with your spouse or significant other and suddenly know how to make it right, and solve other problems. You can plan your week, figure out what you will cook for dinner, plan your mom’s birthday party, and still find time to work on yourself and think about ways to become a better mother, wife, or sister. I have found that by becoming a better runner I also seem to become a better person than the day I was before. The mental clarity that comes hand in hand with running is unbeatable. I am able to think past my problems and find solutions instead of anxiety or stress. I reach a point where I know that things are going to be okay. I really can’t say i’ve ever returned home in a worse mood than when I left.

It’s all about self improvement and while it may seem like an exaggeration if we want to change the world we have to start with ourselves and maybe if everyone took time to figure out how they could become a better person, the world would indeed change.

So, that’s why I run. I want to do my part to make the world a better place and I’m starting with me.


RTT Ultra 2013

RTT Ultra 2013

Why Do I Run
by Jacquelyn Thayer
Mail box to mail box…..that used to be my motto…my goal…some days it was even a frantically whispered prayer….I literally would run from one mail box to the next. I would then WALK three or four mailboxes before running ONE MAILBOX SET, again……We are not talking rural routes here people….we are not speaking of mailboxes that are set great distances apart….we are talking about CUL*DE*SACS!!!! fataI was so saddened and bummed…what had happened?

I had just had my last child….she was only 14….YEARS AS THE DOCTOR POINTED OUT…not months….I was a NURSE….I was supposed to be a role model of health, yet I felt like someone had literally slapped me across the face with my single serving box of girl scout cookies when I saw on my chart it said “Morbidly obese, recommend diabetic and hypertension medications, patient in denial.” Denial? More like my provider was delusional….how could I be morbidly obese? Sure I was chunky….weighed a bit more than high school…fatgbut MORBIDLY OBESE….How FRICKEN RUDE!!! So ever the ICU nurse…I did a calculation to prove that my provider actually received his degree at some third world country that only required water polo and the ability to perform canine CPR to become a MD. But guess what??? That little brat, that 12 year old with eight years of college beyond mine was RIGHT! I was a fat ass time bomb. So I did the only rational thing, I bargained…I asked to be given time and promised to change.

Now I am SURE that other providers had tried to gently tell me to take care of my health. I just never heard them. I HEARD this 12 year old…..I heard him tell me if I didn’t lose a significant amount of weight I was going on medications and going to be like my ICU patients (yep he actually SAID THAT!) So I started to run….from mailbox to mailbox….eventually getting all the way to marathons and now training for ultras. I remember those mailbox days….I remember when it did not matter what the brand of shorts I wore were….THEY ALL RODE UP!!!! Cute little run skirts didn’t come in my size……I very VERY much recall what it felt like to feel like my entire skinny, strong body was trapped inside…..The only way I know how to describe it, is that you are trying to RUN and all around you……these heavy fighting squirrels, are trapped in pillowcases, and they are wrestling….and you are carrying those SUCKERS strapped to every available part of your body….I still struggle, I often look at other runner and wonder how they got so strong…so fast, so amazing! Then I remind myself….we NEVER know where someone came from….where their journey started…..We never know if they experienced the raging squirrel dance, if they suffer from debilitating demons that chase them as they run, if they agonize over every piece of food that enters their mouth…..But what WE DO KNOW is that EVERYONE who moves forward….be it as a one mile fun run runner, a 5K color run participant, a marathoner, an ultra runner, or a woman chasing her vision across the country……We are all RUNNERS…….and we are all AMAZING.



Why Do I Run
by Sean Davis
I am a runner because of my Grandfather. He was my hero. He ran track and field at Loyola in New Orleans long, long, long before I was born. He and I also shared the same birthday. He at taught me many things in life, but most important was to work hard and treat people with respect. I run because he inspired me. I continue to run now because I made a life commitment to fitness and avoiding a family history of diabetes. My grand father was a hard worker and taught me the importance of responsibility and accountability. Running and life takes self disipline and he did his best to teach that.



Why Do I Run
by Troy Harper
I’m often asked why I run. Honestly there is not a simple answer to that question for me. Like a lot of people, sometimes I run to get in shape or get ready to challenge myself at a race. Other times I run to help deal with the stress that life brings us all. There are times I run and figure out the answer to something going on in my life, and other times I may run and the miles just click away without me noticing and my mind has just been thought free and enjoying the world around me the whole time. I’m also a big believer in if we keep moving, we can fight Father Time, and I think we all want to take part in that fight. One last reason I run, and it’s not necessarily the actual last reason, is that it’s still fun for me to just go out and run. I can literally walk out my front door and go for a run if that’s what I want to do. It doesn’t require expensive equipment or gear to do, it’s just a simple thing that I still get enjoyment from.



Why Do I Run
by Courtney Bradley
I run for many reasons. I run because when I was 13 I didn’t make the volleyball team or the basketball team 2 seasons in a row. A sport without balls made sense to me. I joined the cross country team, a team that didn’t reject anyone. Running is a sport that doesn’t reject. I love it because it’s a team thing and an individual one. When I’m out there it’s me, my music and the beat of my feet hitting that pavement. When I sprint to the finish I feel that pain in my legs and I know it’s ok because that pain is almost over. I run because of that high you get when you look around you and see everyone in your race running beside you, you see the gorgeous river or horizon or tree or road kill or whatever along the way during a training run. The pain you feel the next day after a race when you can barely sit down, and going up stairs is just unheard of.
When I run, I run for myself. It’s not for my 4 kids whom my life revolves around or my husband whom I adore. I do for them, all the time, everything I do is for them as it should be when you are a part of a family, but when I run….that one is all me! I’m out there on my own, killing it, mile after mile on my own terms. The running app starts, the music begins and I am focused, on a mission. And that feeling of such accomplishment when I’m done is incredible. I run because I don’t have to have skill with a ball when I’m out there, I rely on the pure mechanics of my body from the motions of each muscle to the in and exhale of each breath. I feel healthy and happy and PERFECT when I run. It’s the true me. Someone asked me the other day, after a race, if I won. I thought, “What a silly question. Why would anyone ask that?” I run for myself. I didn’t win that race, but that wasn’t the goal. I had a fantastic race, loved the course and ran strong and that to me is an enormous win. To run is to win, and that’s why I run.


Why Do I Run
by James Thomas
I have many reason why I choose to run. First and foremost is my health, I run to help fight heredity, and show my kids a good life style. Second I am a police officer who refuses to give the bad guys a chance. Secretly I run to see the pride in my wife’s face when I met my goal or finished a race. It is truly amazing when you think about it, running can bring me such peace by being surrounded with all of Gods greatness. I am truly blessed.


There you have it!  Please vote for the runner you feel deserves a free entry to the LSM Savannah RTT Ultra on January 10, 2015!

Thank you for your time!

When you’re ready to vote click on the “why I run” picture below and you will be directed to a surveymonkey site where you can vote for your favorite posting. 🙂 

click on the picture to vote for your favorite "why i run" response

click on the picture to vote for your favorite “why i run” response

Happy Holidays!




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13 comments for ““Why do I run” Contest

  1. Ken Thomas
    2014/12/08 at 7:55 pm

    Started to run when I stopped smoking. It’s been 7years. Logging 2000 miles/year. Not bad after smoking for 45 years. My story was use by Runners World in the Big Book of running for beginners. It’s also on the web. Google runners world stop smoking.

  2. kara greathouse
    2014/12/09 at 9:01 am

    My vote is for Courtney Bradley! 🙂

  3. Christie thompson
    2014/12/09 at 10:02 am

    I vote for Kim Crowe

  4. Christi McClintock
    2014/12/09 at 10:15 am

    My vote is for Kim Crowe! I have known her since High School and she has always been an inspiration!

  5. Greg
    2014/12/09 at 10:19 am

    I vote for Kim Crowe

  6. Evan Werntz
    2014/12/09 at 10:23 am

    My vote is for Steph. Awesome girl!

  7. Shannon Mann
    2014/12/09 at 11:44 am

    My vote is for Kim Muns!

  8. Vanessa Murphy
    2014/12/09 at 6:10 pm

    My vote is for Kim Crowe. She’s such an inspiration!!!

  9. Theresa Thigpen
    2014/12/09 at 6:30 pm

    my vote is for Kim Crowe

  10. Adaira
    2014/12/10 at 6:49 pm

    I vote for Sue Gury

  11. Ben Pennington
    2014/12/11 at 6:43 pm

    I vote for Kim! She deserves the spot.

  12. Malina
    2014/12/16 at 10:09 am

    Who won?

    • RunDanRun
      2014/12/20 at 10:20 am

      Oops! I’m sorry for not posting on my website. I did posted on facebook.
      The winner was Kim Crowe.
      Runner ups were:
      Courtney Bradley
      Troy Harper.

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