Richmond Hill’s 1st Ultra, RH Armadillo Broil, Was a Hit!

Beverley English running her first ultra.

Beverley English running her first ultra.

The inaugural Armadillo Broil is behind us now.  It went well although, we did have some glitches with timing.  The race started on time, right at 7:00 am and the last runner crossed the finish line just before 4:00 pm.  It was hot and it was muggy but the runners ran strong and each demonstrated what awesome truly is.

Again, the volunteers were the difference between success and failure.  The race succeeded because of the amazing volunteers we had at the Broil!  Also, it cannot go without mention that Sara Maltby, the Co-Director of the race exceeded all expectations!  She was even the first place 25k female!  That lady is quite the overachiever.  I could not have executed this run without her.  She was my right hand.

There were the sponsors that came out and exceeded my expectations as well.  Ron and Sandra Elliot, owners of Georgia Game Changers, brought their balloon arch, food for the runners, music and hard work to the Broil.  I am so very grateful for their sponsorship and strong involvement in the Broil! They exceeded my expectations by a long shot!  I wish more sponsors were this hands on at the races.

Overall 50k winner, Taryn Guimento

Overall 50k winner, Taryn Guimento

First Command was another sponsor that totally went all out!  They not only contributed financially to the race but had a strong presence there and even provided watermelon, frisbees, water bottles and held a raffle for a $100 Game Changers gift card.

Then, there was the Orange Mud presence!  OM has been a part of all of R4R races since May 2014.  We raffled off an OM transition towel and several OM headbands.  Everyone wanted that transition towel!


And then, there was our beneficiary, Mission on the Move,  a wonderful charity doing amazing work with children in Mexico, Guatemala and Africa.  MoM showed up and was with us at the race most of the day.  Some of the missionaries from Tapachula, Mexico were at the race and offered a unique perspective to what kind of work MoM is doing there.  The two missionaries presented me with a wonderful cooking book they put together of recipes from the Tapachula area.  In return we presented a check for $1500 to MoM at the race.  Not bad for a first time ultra race in a small town in the hottest time of the year!

All in all, it was a lot of hard work putting this race together but it came together due to the hard work and energy of so many people!  I am so grateful to all of the volunteers, the sponsors, Sara Maltby, the Mission on the Move people – especially, Rebecca Shealy!  Ms. Shealy introduced me to MoM representatives which coincidentally is her mother and, to the missionaries from Tapachula.

25k winners, Sean Keefe and Sara Maltby

25k winners, Sean Keefe and Sara Maltby

Putting together this race was a true joy!  It’s been the first race I’ve held where I haven’t felt overwhelmed and stressed out leading up to it.  Again, that is due to the amazing group of people that helped out with this race!

The top three males and females of each race were awarded and, everyone that completed their respective race received a finisher’s medal.

Due to the heat and humidity this was a very tough race.  Those of you that stuck to it and finished should be very proud!  This was a tough event!

Here is the breakdown of the runners that finished first, second and third in the 50k

  •  Taryn Guimento, 1st place overall, 1st place female.  Finish time: 4:07:05
  • Lara Zoeller, 2nd place female, 2nd place overall.  Finish time: 4:23:05
  • Jay Sweatt, 1st place male, 3rd place overall.  Finish time: 4:42:55
  • Andy Bruner, 2nd place male, 4th place overall.  Finish time: 4:58:55
  • Kerry Dulina, 3rd place female, 5th place overall.  Finish time: 5:22:50
  • Daniel Ott, 3rd place male, 6th place overall.  Finish time: 5:26:00

Here’s the breakdown for the first, second and third 25k finishers…

  • Sean Keefe, 1st place male, 1st place overall.  Finish time: 1:46:54
  • Sara Maltby, 1st place female, 2nd place overall. Finish time: 1:47:40
  • Matthew Lapaglia, 2nd place male, 3rd place overall.  Finish time: 2:01:33
  • Tim Waz, 3rd place male, 4th place overall.  Finish time: 2:17:54
  • Pamela Howe, 2nd place female, 5th place overall.  Finish time: 2:20:56
  • Jon Barrows, 3rd place male, 6th place overall.  Finish time: 2:23:40
  • Sandra Elliott, 3rd place female, 7th place overall.  Finish time: 2:24:26.

The results can be accessed by the links below:

Sandra Elliott, 3rd place female of the 25k and sponsor of Armadillo Broil via Georgia Game Changers

Sandra Elliott, 3rd place female of the 25k and sponsor of Armadillo Broil via Georgia Game Changers

Many thanks to all that played a part in this inaugural run!  We hope you will consider joining us for next year race!  This is a beautiful location for a run and southern hospitality of Richmond Hill is outstanding!




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