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A Run thru the woods 10k turned out to be a very fun event.  We had 37 runners show up and run the course and 10 DNS.  The run was capped at 50 runners.

For a technical trail run through single-track rooty trails the runners did incredibly well.  I didn’t hear of too many wipe-outs.  And fortunately, the few wipe-outs we experienced were more ego bruising than skin bruising.  The top three runners were pretty darn fast for such a winding, single-track root trail too!

Mrs. Sara Maltby and bigfoot

Mrs. Sara Maltby and bigfoot

This race marked a second successful pairing between Mrs. Sara Maltby and I.  The first time she and I worked together was on the Armadillo Broil 50k this past summer.  For this race, Sara was the race director and I was the co-rd.  She did a phenomenal job.  Not only is Sara an amazing, gifted runner but an awesome RD.  I look forward to working with her on more races in the future.

Kerry Dulina, 1st place female

The lovely Mrs. Kerry Dulina, 1st place female

The top three males and females were:


  1. Ryan Smith of Savannah, Ga, finish time: 40:37
  2. Matt Foley of Savannah, Ga, finish time: 41:28
  3. Bren Tompkins of Savannah, Ga, finish time: 43:00


  1. Kerry Dulina of Richmond Hill, Ga, finish time: 49:11
  2. Jane Floyd of Savannah, Ga, finish time: 56:43
  3. Kelly Leonard of Guyton, Ga, finish time: 1:01:25

The rest of the results can be viewed at ultrasignups site: run thru the woods 10k results

The top male and female got to choose the charity to donate the proceeds of this race from.  Now mind you, this race was small and literally made on a shoe string budget.  Yet, the race, after all expenses were covered generated roughly $150.00.

Contribution made to Girls on the Run on behalf of Ryan Smith

Contribution made to Girls on the Run on behalf of Ryan Smith

Of that $150.00 Mr. Ryan Smith chose to donate his $75 split to Girls on the Run.  Mrs. Kerry Dulina chose to donate her $75 split to Save our Rails to Trails.   Thank you both for choosing such worthy causes!  Hopefully, for next year’s run thru the woods we can generate more interest and support and have a bigger bounty to donate.

Our volunteers were second to none!  As always, the volunteers are the difference that makes a race great!  I am so very thankful for everyone that helped bring this race to fruition!

Brian Garvin, one of our great volunteers!

Brian Garvin, one of our great volunteers!

Our great volunteers were: Cealan Clifford, Brian Garvin, Rob Reed.  You guys are awesome!  Thank you all so very much!

A run thru the woods was a very fun run with a very silly story line behind it.  If you haven’t read the story behind this run, here it is: Stikman Lore.  Stikman dba, Bigfoot, was integral to a run thru the woods and was sighted more than a few times by more runners than not!  I doubt that any other race in this US of A can boast of more Bigfoot sightings as our little 10k thru the Whitemarsh woods has.

Next year’s race brings a twist to the Stikman saga…Bigfoot vs Krampus! You won’t want to miss next year’s race!  It will be full of all kinds of drama! Again, it will only be 50 total runners.  This race will never be bigger than that.

breakfast after the race

breakfast after the race

Thank you all for making a run thru the woods such a fondly memorable event!

May you all have a very happy holiday season!

Be good cuz Krampus is coming!



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find your center


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