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Gabi and Jen

Gabi and Jen

The Rough Runners 91 Day Challenge is just over a week old and has already gotten us to push beyond what we thought we personally could do!  I posted a score card online and told the RR trainees to send me their totals as often as they want but no later than Sunday of each week-end by 4pm.  That score card has tapped our inner friendly competitiveness and has us all trying to lead in one or more of the weekly totals of exercises we’re doing.  Check it out: Scorecard.

Gabi Hauck

Gabi Hauck

At the end of the week, who ever has accumulated the most number of miles and number of reps of each exercise offered gets a punisher skull awarded to their profile picture.  That certainly makes it a lot more fun for me and hopefully, for everyone else.  This inaugural challenge has fourteen participants.  That many participants is pretty impressive for a program that lasts 91 days and is pretty darn grueling.  Of those 14 on board for the program how many will actually finish it?  That’s the big question!  Hopefully, all but, probably not.  We humans are hard-wired to take the easy road.  Only the few accept the discomfort that comes from pulling away from the bunch and doing something different, something awesome.  To fall down, that is a fundamental expectation for us all.  To get back up after falling one time or, twenty times and, still go on, now, that is the stuff of badasses.  That’s what sets you apart from the rest.  That’s what I’m trying to do with the Rough Runners 91 day challenge.  This challenge is not easy and is not intended to be.

This challenge, though, is not just about pushing physically and mentally through barriers.  It’s also about stewardship, humility, personal responsibility…it’s about giving back something just because. Each participant of the 91 day RR challenge must contribute a new pair of socks, new or lightly used shoes to a homeless shelter and/or any person in need.  Why? Because we are community and, community cares for one another.  That is how we grow as a people, as a species…we care for those around us especially, the broken and vulnerable.  Its not all about us, not even a quarter of it!

We must also give the hardest thing to give – our time, to an endeavor of cleaning up our playgrounds (trails, woods, parks).  That’s right.  Each Rough Runner trainee must give at least, 3.1 hours of their time cleaning up the communities we live and play at.  Again, why?  Because these places are ours on loan and we should care for these places and leave them as pristine as we can for the next batch of adventurers that come behind us. We shouldn’t expect others to clean up for us.  We need to own up our responsibility for a better, cleaner world.



The person that signs up for this challenge is obviously someone that is driven to excel.  He is also a person that loves adventure, loves being outdoors, loves the camaraderie that comes from working hard together, suffering together, excelling together.  Adventurers have a kinship.  They seek each other out and play hard together.  Join us at a Rough Runner workout session and you’ll witness just that!

The Rough Runner program is tough…no doubt!  But, you will get a lot from it!  You will grow stronger.  You will get fitter.  Your body and mind will grow strong from it.  Your heart will grow healthier -physically and, emotionally.  This challenge combines a good dose of anaerobic and aerobic extreme execises…so, you get the best of both worlds.

Being an older athlete nearing 50, this challenge is reinvigorating me.  I am realizing every day that I still have it in me to push myself hard and still have a competitive edge with not just people my age but of very differing age ranges!  Although, I am enjoying the competitive aspect of this challenge I am realizing too that many of my limitations are in my mind.  Most importantly, I am having fun doing this!  I’m meeting new people and enjoying something that is different than the norm.

The Rough Runner challenge is free.  Anyone that wants can you join us or just do it on their own.  Anyone that successfully completes all of the requirements of the 91 day challenge can choose to purchase a shirt and flask at the end of it but the shirts and flasks will not be given out unless the participant completes each task of the challenge…no matter how much you’re willing to pay!  When you start seeing people wearing the Rough Runners shirts or see those flasks you’ll know that that person is made of a certain kind of mettle and you can confidently assume that they’re a true bonafide badass.  They did not buy their way into an image, they are the real deal – a Badass!


We’re a week into the Rough Runner 91 day challenge.  There is still time to jump on board but that window will only be available another week, maybe two.

Contact me if interested!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.




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