2017 Coastal Georgia Greenway 155 Mile Ultra Recap

According to google, ‘greatness’ means: “the quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent.

Friday morning, 04/07/2017, on Hutchinson Island with the Savannah River behind them.
To the left, John Durant, Karl Joseph, to the right.

This past weekend I had the rare pleasure of witnessing this quality of distinguished, eminence…of, greatness. John Durant and Karl Joseph once again pushed the envelope of what it means to digging deep and tapping into that rare set of traits that sets a few apart from the rest…it’s the stuff that makes heroes, -that creates legends. I believe that rareness is in everyone one of us but only a very few have the fortitude to take a hold of it, pull it over them and wear it like armor. These two aforementioned gentlemen once again showed me what it means to be the best.

and, they’e off!
Hutchinson Island, ga

John and Karl, now have the distinction of being the first two people to run the Coastal Georgia Greenway 155 mile ultra first, before anyone else and then, twice! In 2015, they completed the CGG 155 in 44 hours. Two years later (2017), Karl finished it in 39 hours 52 minutes and, John finished it in 43 hours 30 minutes.

To do what these two men have done is very difficult, to say the least. This past Friday morning at 7:10 they started this 155 mile journey in Hutchinson Island, right across from River street, Savannah. Their journey took them over the Savannah River on the Talmadge bridge, through downtown Savannah, Garden City, Pooler, Richmond Hill, Midway, Riceboro, Eulonia, Darien, Brunswick, Woodbine, Kingsland and ended it in the city of St. Mary’s, at Gilman Memorial Park which is on the banks of the St. Mary’s River, just a rock throw from the border of Florida and Georgia.

John, just past Woodbine

Karl and John, struggled and suffered for the next day and a half as they battled dehydration, automobile traffic screaming past them, heat and cold, hunger and isolation during this long journey.

These two men are not young men.  They are both over fifty.  They pushed their bodies and minds through tremendous tests of discomfort and stress. Many of us may never understand why some people put themselves through so much discomfort and stress purposely.  We may ask why but, there is no easy, simple answer to that why.  It’s just what some people choose to do.  And, when they do, they push the limits of what it means to be human ever so much that we find great strength and inspiration in what they do and, I believe, it builds our hope that we can do anything if we work hard enough.  This is the stuff that makes us realize that human potential can achieve so much and, it can take us further than we may have thought possible.

John Durant, bringing it home for the finish.
Jason Edenfield ran the last 14 miles with him

I firmly believe that to find the best of ourselves the bar must be set high and, these two men did just that, -they set the stage for the rest of us to aspire to meet and match their achievements and perhaps, even exceed them.  It’s what keeps us rolling.

Great job, Karl and John!  I admire you both greatly!

Karl Joseph and John Durant at the finish of a very long journey.




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