Running McQueen’s Island and the Deer Carcasses

I came across this on the rtt. So, very true. It sure does...

I ran 4.7 miles this evening partly at the rails to trails and on highway 80 and a run to the end of the zombie trail and back.  Again, as I ran the zombie trail I was disturbed by the number of deer carcasses there.  I mean, what’s going on?  Is the zombie trail the deer carcass dumping ground?  The zombie trail is the old Tybee highway on McQueen’s Island.  There’s a remnant of the old highway off to the left as you enter Mcqueen’s Island after getting off of the Bull River Bridge.  I swear there must be 7 or 8 deer carcasses as you enter the old highway.  It’s weird.  I know that the vultures are very happy but still…

Any way, I started the run at the mid-section of the rtt and ran to highway 80 and took a right, running to Wilmington Island.  I ran the Bull River bridge and turned around when my vff-clad feet touched Wilmington Island soil.  I then turned around and ran back to McQueen’s Island and into and out of the zombie trail (where I saw all of the dead deer).  I then ran back to the whatchamacallit and ran about 3/4 of a mile to the eastern section of it before turning around and running back to the mid-section and continued for about a third of a mile before turning around and running back to the mid-section again.  I finished the run on the boardwalk leading to the rtt.

approaching the end of the zombie trail

Wildlife inventory:

  • 12 pelicans
  • 2 seagulls
  • 1 cormorant
  • 1 great egret
  • 1 snowy egret

pelicans on the remains of the old bull river bridge. the remains of this bridge date back to 1200bc.

I forgot to take along my heart rate monitor.  So, that threw the hr stuff out of the window.  I felt pretty good during the run.  No injuries seemed to surface.  My feet felt good even when I stepped on a few rocks I didn’t see before I stepped on them.  I guess the force is with me.  I became one with the rocks and rolled off of them as stepped on them in my blue bikilas.
The weather was also nice.  At the end of the run the temperature was 70 degrees with humidity at 60%.  It was a little breezy as usual at the rtt but that was good.  All in all, it was a good, enjoyable run despite the dead deer on the zombie trail.

i really struggled whether i should put this picture up on my blog or not. in the end i obviously decided to do so, mainly because I want to bring exposure to it and hopefully have something done so that this will stop. I really do not understand why someone is dumping deer carcasses here on the old tybee highway which I've nick-named the zombie trail. It's creepy.

After the run I cruised over to the Island’s Ymca and stretched for thirty minutes.  I felt even better after stretching.  My leg muscles really need a good stretching at least once a week.  After the stretching I did some crunches, leg lifts and then bolted to Publix and bought some groceries and then went home and cooked some stir fry and ate it all.  Right now, I’m drinking a dos equis beer as I write this blog entry and trying not to think about the dead deer.

the rtt boardwalk with the sun setting

My dog, Mr. Gypsy, helped me eat my stir fried asparagus.  I cannot believe this dog likes asparagus.  That’s amazing.
  • run log
  • mapped run
  • total miles on blue bikilas: 137.41
  • total real miles for 2012: 18.14
  • total treadmill miles for 2012: 6.45
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All the very best to you and yours.
I’m probably going to have nightmares about the dead deer.

A Beautiful January Day for Running

I came across this fake flower during my run today on the thunderbolt bridge and decided to hang it for all the drivers to enjoy. So, enjoy!

This afternoon I ran 6.5 miles in the Thunderbolt area. It was an excellent day to run. At the end of my run the temperature was 73 with humidity at 47%. How is that for a run on the second week of January? I love this weather we’re having. We’ve only had two days this winter where temperatures dipped below freezing. That’s my kind of climate!

I started the run from my front door and headed down Wessels to Indiana.  Indiana took me to Altman and Altman to Raskin.  I followed Raskin for a little bit and then turned left on 43rd.  From there I caught Downing Street where the English prime minister and his wife live and followed that to Victory and then to some other road and then another and then, I found myself back on Victory and ran the Thunderbolt bridge stopping at the top to photograph some red fake flowers that were lying on ground of the bridge.  I took a picture of the flower intertwined in my vff’s and then jammed that flower into this squishy black stuff that’s between the bridge concrete rail segments.  Now, everyone who drives the Thunderbolt bridge gets to see these pretty red flowers atop the bridge.  I do nice things like that.

there's the fake flower as I found it atop of the thunderbolt bridge

At the other end of the Thunderbolt bridge I caught the first left that had me running parallel with the bridge momentarily and then I ran passed Desposito’s Seafood restaurant and ran to the waters edge on the Willimington River.  I turned around and ran part of Isle of Armstrong and then ran the Thunderbolt bridge again.  On the other side of the bridge I caught Dogwood ave to Mechanics and followed that until it ended at the pier on the Wilmington River.  I headed back up Mechanics to Fennel to Bonaventure and then turned right onto Georgia ave.  Finally, I turned on my street and made it home just in time to shower and then meet a friend at Starbucks.  There you have it.

It was a great run.  I even stopped for about 2 minutes to give directions to a lady who was looking for Wilmington Island road.  Boy, was she way off course!  I never even stopped my watch nor runtastic app as I gave her directions.  Btw, she was a pretty lady about my age.

here's my left vff posing with the flower atop of the thunderbolt bridge

Wildlife inventory:

  • 40-something grackles
  • 3 squirrels: 1 was albino.  We have a lot of albino squirrels in Savannah.  That’s weird.
  • 6 doves
  • 11 dogs
  • 4 seagulls
  • 1 pigeon

left bikila after 663 miles. I tend to wear out my left vff more than my right.

I ran today in my red bikilas and finally I tore a hole on the bottom of one of them.  The toe just before the pinky toe on my left bikila has a hole in it.  That toe can now touch pavement during a run.  Wow, it only took 663 miles for that to happen!  So, am I going to retire them now?  Nope.  I want to log 700 miles on these vff’s before retiring them.  At 700 miles I will photograph them again and send the pictures to Vibram!  I’m curious how Vibram will react.  Will they throw me a big party?  Will they give me a million bucks?  Will they write a song about me?  Will they buy me a new washer machine?  They’ll probably ignore me.  Who knows!  Hopefully, though, I will get some response for them.  After all, I am their biggest fan. 😉

right bikila after 663 miles

  • run log
  • mapped run
  • total miles on red bikilas: 663.88
  • total real miles for 2012: 13.44
  • total treadmill miles for 2012: 6.45

heart rate at the start of the run: 64 bpm

When I started the run today my heart rate was 64 bpm.  My heart rate jumped as high as 155 while I was running the Thunderbolt bridge for the second time but stayed on average around 140 bpm’s.  At the end of the run my heart rate was 133 bpm.  And, after one minute recovery it was 91 bpm.

at the end of the run

Well, that’s it for now.

after one minute recovery

Thank you so much for checking out my site.
All the very best to you and yours.

on my return over the Thunderbolt bridge i took this picture of the fake flower I found on the other side. That's a pleasing site to everyone that drives and runs the thunderbolt bridge, is it not? Yeah.

Running the Stairs was Killer or Should I Say, a Killer?

run to the light!

Did some serious stair training this morning!  At 8:00am I met up with four other insane runners in downtown Savannah and we ran the very steep stairs between River Street and Williamson Street.  We had agreed to run the stairs and a small loop for 30 to 45 minutes knocking out as many loops as we could in that time frame.  After the third loop I think we all telepathically communicated with one another that 30 minutes would be enough.  It was a tough workout!

At the end of the 30 minutes I had completed 13 loops garnering 3.52 miles.  We started at the base of the stairs and ran to the top of them, then turned right and ran Williamson Street to MLK  drive.  We ran MLK shortly until it dead ended on River Street.  Followed River Street until turning right at the opening to the stairs just past Chuck’s Bar and repeated that until the 30 minutes were up.

pretty darn steep stairs

I kept glancing down at my watch to see what my heart rate was and was quite surprised that my highest bpm was 143 and I did not feel like I was in a red zone at all.  Just before starting the training my bpm was 64-65.  Maybe, I’m not in as bad of shape as I seem to think that I am.  Then again, here I am writing this blog at the same time eating a bag of very salty garlic parmesan pretzels.  Geez, I never learn.

This training was a lot more fun than I expected it to be.  I think adding that little loop to jog around before hitting the stairs again was just the kind of relief the body needed before hitting those hellacious steps again and again.  Doing that gave the heart some time to recover before hitting it again and I think it minimized the pain.  So, it was easier on us mentally.

At the end of the thirty minutes everyone was tired but enjoyed this kind of training and we all said that we would like to do it again soon.  Who all ran?  Victoria, Dimitris, Bren, and Charlotte.  Sarah, God bless her soul, was a bit under the weather and unfortunately, could not join us.  I think Sarah would of totally enjoyed this training.  Next time!

this is the loop we repeated for 30 minutes. 4 loops equaled one mile

Weirdly, I don’t feel like I really ran and I’m kind of itching for a run later today.  Probably will not happen because I have so much to do today.  Who know.

mapped run

run log

total miles on red bikilas: 657.38

total real miles for 2012: 6.94

total treadmill miles for 2012: 6.45

Thank you so very much for stopping by.

All the very best to you and yours.




First outdoor run of the year for me

interesting bus i saw during my walk and run yesterday. The picture looks a little funky because it's actually two pictures stitched together because the lens of my camera wasn't wide enough to get the whole bus in the frame from this angle.

Yesterday I ran 3.42 miles in my neighborhood with my heart rate monitor.  That was my first real run for 2012.  After two days of running on a treadmill it was good to go outside and run.  The scenery, the crunching of the leaves as I glided over them with the grace of a gazelle…a well fed gazelle…a well fed gazelle wearing blue vff’s.  And, the crisp air flowing through my hair like an American flag flying proudly on Mt. Rushmore.  It was good to run outdoors.

The run began and ended at the front steps of my house immediately after walking my dog, Mr. Gypsy.  Gypsy and I walked about a mile and a half.  The past month and a half  it’s become a normal routine for Mr. Gypsy and I to walk at least a mile a day.  We used to go every day to the dairy farm but ever since the prayer flags were taken down without any regard for people’s views and feelings or without explanation I just haven’t had the desire to go back there again.  In time maybe, that will change.  Now, though, I have no desire to visit that place.  So, instead, Gypowski and I walk the neighborhood taking pictures of anything interesting we come across.  It’s been loads of fun.  The running, though, is what this blog is about.  So, lets get back to that.

entrance to bonaventure cemetery

I ran up Wessels and took a left on Indiana.  Followed Indiana to Altman and then to Bonaventure Road.  I followed Bonaventure road to the Jewish entrance of Bonaventure Cemetery.  I touched one of the entrance columns and then hit Bonaventure Road for a split second before hopping a fence and running alongside that canal over there until I saw an opening to Downing Street.  Downing Street, isn’t that where the Prime Minister of England lives?  Yeah, I think I saw David Cameron walking his English bulldog there.  He had prayer flags in his hands but didn’t know where to hang them now that the prayer flags were taken down from the dairy farm without explanation.  His prayer flags were about saving the Euro zone or something.  I guess his prayers won’t be answered now.

I took Downing until Margaret and then connected with something or another that took me all the way to Raskin Ave.  I followed Raskin for a couple of blocks and then took a left on some other road and followed that to another road which eventually put me back on Bonaventure Road.  I then worked my way home in a very round-about way.  It was a good run.

Wildlife inventory:

  • 3 squirrels
  • 2 robins
  • 7 dogs
  • 3 cats
  • 4 vultures

saw this big contraption by the canal i ran alongside of

Tomorrow morning (Saturday), I’m meeting up with several other runners in front of the Olympia Cafe on River Street to run the very steep stairs at the Western end of River street.  Those are some very steep steps.  So, this will be a very challenging training session.  What I have suggested to the others is that we run the steps for 30 to 45 minutes.  It’s going to kick my butt, I’m pretty certain of that.  That’s good.  I need my butt kicked.
  • run log
  • mapped run
  • total miles on blue bikilas: 132.71
  • total real miles for 2012: 3.42
  • total treadmill runs for 2012: 6.45

front of that interesting bus

This Sunday I end the 30 day food inventory I’ve been doing.  That task has become quite interesting and informative.  That inventory has opened my eyes to how much I eat and how unhealthy my diet is.  I didn’t realize it was that bad.  So, this Sunday I’ll do a write up on the 30 day food inventory and list the majority of the stuff I’ve eaten the past 30 days.  It’s not going to be a pretty picture.  That’s for sure.

back of the interesting bus

I saw a really cool bus yesterday during my walk with Gypsy and run.  It had a bunch of stuff painted and written all over it.  It was pretty bizarre.  It was very Savannah.  You’ve probably noticed the pictures of it already.  Maybe not.
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Running with a heart rate monitor

I pressed the 5k button

So, yesterday I ran on the super cool star trac treadmill again. Those treadmills are so nice. I cannot believe that I’m enjoying treadmill runs this much! I’ll probably run on it again tonight!  No, I won’t.  I have to run outdoors tonight even if it’s snowy and a hurricane is upon us.  Some times, you just have to run outdoors.

Yesterday’s run was 3.22.  I ran it pretty hard too.  Yesterday, I also figured out how to use the heart rate monitor function on my watch.  So, that was pretty cool.

end of run

At the beginning of my workout my heart rate was 62 beats per minute.  I then did weights while waiting for one of my favorite treadmills to open up.  I got a pretty good weight workout while I waited.  During the lifting my heart rate fluctuated between 80 and 90 bpm’s.

On the treadmill my average bpm was about 135.  I ran the last five minutes 8mph with my heart pumping at 150 bpm’s.  I think I spiked up as high as 153 at one point but I pretty much stayed in the 130’s.  One minute and 12 seconds after the run I was at 110 bpm’s.  Five minutes after the run I was around 80 bpm’s.

1 minute 12 seconds after run

Keeping a tab on your heart rate while exercising is good for a few reasons.

  • #1: You can easily tell when you’re red-lining it, – if you’re pumping over 185 bpm’s and gasping for air it’s time to slow it down or you’re going to blow up.
  • #2: checking your recovery time after a hard run or training session will give you a pretty good idea of your overall aerobic shape.  Basically, the quicker your heart rate returns to your normal heart rate after the exercise the fitter you are cardiovascular.   Yesterday, my gauge was that I’m intermediate.  By 15 minutes I was back in normal heart beat range again.  I might of been there sooner but after the 5 minute check I did not check again until the 15 minute mark.
  • If you apply this formula to your training you will be able to target your aerobic threshold and that will help you break barriers to reach higher plateaus.  Here’s the formula:

((220 – Age – Avg. Morning Resting Heart Rate) * % of Max aerobic threshold) + Avg. Morning Resting Heart Rate = your bpm threshold.

That means that you stay at that threshold for the longest amount of time during training to improve overall fitness.  It’s good stuff.  It’s worked for me in the past.

Here’s an example:

220 (maximum heart beats) – 75 (your age) – 60 (resting heart rate) * 75% (aerobic threshold) + 60 (resting heart again):

220-75=145-60=85*.75=63.75+60= 123.75 – round down to 123 because you’re old.

Basically, this means that if you want to exercise at 75% of your aerobic threshold you will reach that point when your heart is beating 123 beats per minute.  Now, you will want to stay at that 75% as long as possible.  That will take some work and discipline.  If you begin to work too hard your bpm will increase and you will need to step it down some.  If you are slacking too much and your bpm is at 110 then, you know you have to step it up.  This formula is great because it truly locates where you are cardiovascularly (if that’s a word) and will help you to reach higher but at a smart rate.  It made such a big difference for me years ago when I was strictly a cyclist.  You should try it out.

I’m going to begin targeting my heart again.  I’ll start at 75% and when able to increase it to 80% of my aerobic threshold.  I’ve heard people say that 60% of your aerobic threshold is the minimum you should train at.  Anything less than 60% doesn’t really do much.  I do not know whether that is true or not but there you have it.  It’s good stuff.  I promise!

where my ankle is still hurting

  • run log
  • total miles on blue bikilas: 129.29
  • total miles today: 3.22
  • total real miles: 0
  • total treadmill miles:  6.45
Well, that’s it for now.
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All the very best to you and yours.

Starting off the new year with a treadmill run. Fun.

3.23 mile run on the island's brand new star trac treadmill. it was pretty sweet.

I started off the new year with a 3.23 mile run on a treadmill at the island’s y in my blue bikilas.  Normally, I despise treadmills but I liked the one I ran on last night.  It was super nice.  It seems that the Island’s Y bought three of these macdaddy treadmills and never got the word out.  Well, I’m getting the word out now.  These new star trac treadmills are killer.

  1. first, they have built in fans with three speeds.
  2. second, they are very solidly built.  it’s like the iphone 4s of the treadmills.  Very well put together.  when I ran on it I just knew I would not break it if I worked it hard.  That’s the way gear/equipment should be, right?  I think so.  That’s what I love about the iphone.  It’s a solidly built machine…just like this treadmill.
  3. it has a 5k route available.  Maybe, other treadmills have this but I’ve never noticed that in any treadmill I’ve used.  I like that.  There’s a button right on the dashboard, just below manual that says “5k”.  A three mile run is about all that I can handle on a treadmill at this time.  So, it is cool that they have a 5k route already for you to just press and go.  Well, I was prompted for my weight but after that I just cranked up the incline and the speed.  If I were to buy a treadmill this would be the one.

Those about the only features that I can remember but it was enough to make me want to go back to the Y just to run on this contraption again.  And, if the weather remains as chilly as it has been the last two days I will have no problem going back to the Y today and the next day and the next day and the next day and run on this treadmill.  It’s sweet.

I wish I could say that running on the treadmill was easy on my left ankle but it wasn’t.  Around mile two my ankle began to ache again.  With each impact of my foot on the treadmill my ankle throbbed a little.  Not good.  This injury looks to be the real thing.  It’s a keeper.  I mean, it’s going to keep me hobbling around for awhile, I’m afraid.  Not good.  Not good, at all.

Starting this year I’m going to add a total mileage to date on each blog entry that will be broken up into “treadmill miles” ,  “real thing miles” and “all miles”.  I’ll add this to the end of the blog along with “run log”, “mapped run” and “total miles on bikilas” and such.  I’m hoping that adding these markers will encourage me to run more and end 2012 with a greater number of miles than I finished up 2011 with.  It’s just another stat, eh?  I’m all about stats, I guess.  Ever since I was a child I kept stats on everything.  I used to log every animal I saw whether it was mammal, insect, reptile or amphibian.  I’ve always been about keeping stats, though.  It’s weird, I know.  That’s who I am.

  • run log
  • total miles on blue bikilas: 126.1
  • total real miles: 0
  • total treadmill miles: 3.23

So, there you have it.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

All the very best to you and yours.





30 minutes of stretching and 30 minutes on the elliptical

stretching out my calves and exterior quads and glutes

This evening I hit the gym after walking Mr. Gypsy for 1.58 miles. Gyps and I walk every single day at least a mile. It’s good for both of us. At the gym, though, I stretched for about 30 minutes and then worked out my abs, back and triceps. I also did three sets of leg extensions. I then got on an elliptical and went at it for 30 minutes.

I stretched my calves, quads, shin muscles (whatever those are called), glutes and hammies. Gosh, it felt good. I need to sign up for a few more yin yoga sessions. That stuff really helped me.

The stretching did me a lot of good. My left ankle and right hip have been bothering me a good bit for the last week. After the stretch I hardly ached. Well, my ankle was a little agitated while I was doing the elliptical but it wasn’t bad. I hope I can run on it strong soon.

that blue line indicates where I have the ankle ache. stretching it did help. I'm not sure if this is considered the ankle but that's what I'm calling it, an ankle injury.

One of my new rules for 2012 and beyond is to do at least 20 minutes of cardio 6 days a week. The elliptical was my cardio for today.

What’s the deal for tomorrow? If my ankle feels up to it I’ll do a treadmill run for 30 minutes. If not, I’ll either spin or do the elliptical for at least 30. I’ll also workout the rest of my body with weights.

I would of liked to have soaked in the hot tub at the Y this evening but there was some guy in it the hot tub totally naked. What the heck is that all about? Who goes into a public hot tub in the nude? Does anyone else find that disturbing like I do? If you’re going to soak in a hot tub at the gym you should have some effen shorts on! Am I unreasonable in expecting that? This dude was buck naked in the hot tub! He then gets out of the hot tub with his hairy ass and walks into the showers! After seeing that I couldn’t get into that hot tub. It seemed dirty and disgusting! To me it seems that if you want to be naked in a hot tub you should buy your own hot tub and jump into it naked all you want! But, if you want to get in a hot tub at a gymnasium put on some FREAKING SHORTS! Is that too much to ask? Sheesh. I don’t know. Maybe, I’m just getting old and complaining about everything. I don’t know.

To be honest, I do feel old, and tired, as of late. My body feels achy. I hope this is not what growing old is all about.

I ate three of these today

This is coming Sunday I finish up my 30 day food inventory. I’m looking forward to that. Tonight I broke down and bought some hot wings after working out. And, I ate a good portion of wings and drank two glasses of malbec as I watched the girl who played with fire. It’s a good movie.

This week is going to be busy for me at work because the Winter quarter at Scad begins on Wednesday. I’m not sure how late I’ll be working most of the week. So, no running outdoors this week. It will all be treadmill, elliptical and/or stationary bike training at the Island’s Y.

This coming Saturday I’m doing a stairs training in downtown Savannah with a few friends. You are more than welcome to join us. We’re meeting in front of the Olympia Cafe at 8:00am. And then, we’ll run the steep steps at the end of River Street for 30 to 45 minutes. Should be one heck of a work out! Come join us!

I wish I had more to say but I don’t.

I’m going to soak in the tub for about 30 minutes before going to bed.

Here’s to a new year full of promise and challenges and hope!

All the very best to you and yours.