Savannah Rails to Trails 24 Hour Runathon!

Hello Runners,
Faced with Hurricane Matthew threatening the Florida, Georgia and South Carolina’s coasts this coming weekend’s Savannah Rails to Trails 24 Hour Runathon is cancelled.
We will defer all registered runners to the October 2017 Runathon.

Reaching this decision was a tough one as lots of planning has been put in place, much money has been spent, lots of long training has been banked but, at the end, the significance of this event pales in comparison to the safety of our families and friends.

Although the storm may or may not plow into the coast of Georgia one thing is certain, the tides are going to be abnormally high as this storm churns in the Atlantic.  The storm, just two days away is already impacting our tides by swelling them one to two feet higher than normal.  As it stands, we normally have 8 foot high tides.  This storm, at this moment, will raise our high tide to nine to ten feet.  A ten foot high tide will flood certain sections of the rails to trails especially the midpoint which happens to be the turn around. As the storm draws closer the tides will swell even more!

With this 24 hour running event we would have encountered two high tides, one Saturday afternoon, the other Sunday early morning.

2:27 pm saturday, tide: 8ft
2:48 am sunday, tide 8ft

To all of those inconvenienced by this cancellation and rescheduling, I do apologize.  For those of you that live along the path of this storm please be safe.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding this announcement.

All the best,

Dan Hernandez
Lindsey Dowling
Run 4 a Reason

noaa storm link:

Savannah Rails to Trails Runathon

Storm Update!

On Saturday, October 8 -9, 2016 Run 4 a Reason is hosting a 24-30 hour runathon at the McQueen’s Island trail (Savannah Rails to Trails)!  All of the proceeds generated from this runathon will go to pay fund the trail signs and maintenance of the trail.

Savannah Rails to Trails Runathon
Date: October 8-9, 2016
Location: McQueen’s Island trail – at the midpoint and fort pulaski entrance

Distances offered: 5k, 10k, 13.1 miles, 26.2 miles, 50 miles, 100 miles, 100+ miles
time frame: 24-30 hours from 7:00 am Saturday – 1:00 pm Sunday. 50 mile and 100 mile distance begins at 7:00 am on Saturday; you may run the other distances at any time during the 24 hour window of this event.

Prices: (there will be a price increase Sept 1st).

  • 5k: $30 ($37 after Aug 31)
  • 10k: $35 ($38 after Aug 31)
  • 13.1 miles: $45
  • 26.2 miles: $55
  • 50 miles: $70 ($80 after Aug 31)
  • 100+ miles: $85 ($95 after Aug 31)

Aid stations: 2. one at midpoint, other at fort pulaski rtt trail head.

The aid stations will carry: water, gatorade, heed, ginger ale, coca cola, hammer gels, pickles, bagels, pb&j sandwiches, bananas, salty chips/pretzels.

We will not provide other foods than what is aforementioned as we are using this event as a means to raise funds to pay for trail signs for this Rails to Trails since the county has no budget for that.
You may have a cooler and/or dropbag at both ends of the course.  We can deliver your cooler and dropbags to the out location so that it may be there when you reach the turn around.
You are allowed a pacer after 50 miles.

Finisher medals for distances under 50 miles, railroad spikes mounted on plaques for runners that run 50 or more miles.  Belt buckles for runners that run 100+ miles in 24 to 30 hours


Course: rails to trails eastern section: (out and back)
5k distance: 1.55 miles x 2
10k distance: 3.1 miles x 2
13.1 miles: 3.275 x 4
26.2 miles: 3.275 x 8
50 miles: 3.125 x 16
100 miles: 3.03 x 33 laps.

The course is flat, hardpacked dirt with a slight sandiness in a few sections.  One section is a limestone based and pebbly.   The course is out and back, three miles one direction.  Both ends of the course will have fully stocked aid stations that will be serving the runners needs for the duration of the run – 24-30 hours, until the last runner.
The RTT is approximately 10-12 feet wide.  So, it’s roomy and at the same time it is cozy enough that it lends itself to easy interaction with other runners.
Both ends of the course will have portable toilets available.
We will provide several canopies to be shared communally by runners.  You may have chairs, tables and other personal belongings there for your comfort and ease.

click on picture for larger view

click on picture for larger view

All proceeds of this runathon go to maintaining our Savannah Rails to Trails (McQueen’s Island Historical Trail) and paying for all of the trail signs.

  • Parking is limited at both sections of the trail  So, we will be offering a 24 hour shuttle service to parking that is about a mile away from the start/finish.

click on picture for larger view

  • This link shows you the monthly temperature averages of Fort Pulaski which is very near where the run will take place:
    Normally, you’re looking at an approximate high of 78 degree and low 62 degrees.

To participate in the runathon you will have to register on ultrasignup:

Go to this link to make a donation to the cause: Save our Savannah Rails to Trails. 

this buckle is yours if you run 100 or more miles in 24-30 hours

this buckle is yours if you run 100 or more miles in 24-30 hours

100 mile belt buckle

100 mile belt buckle

anyone that runs any distance from a 5k to 100+ miles gets one of these beauties.

anyone that runs any distance from a 5k to 100+ miles gets one of these beauties.


If you are looking for a place to camp overnight that’s near the start/finish line of the runathon check out River’s End Campground on Tybee Island.  Address 5 Fort Ave, Tybee Island, Ga 31328.  It’s about a five to ten minute drive to the starting line.

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