The Savannah Grit 175k


Mark your calendars for the new Savannah Grit 175k three day stage race coming to Savannah, Ga May 23,24,25, 2015. This event will be a true test of endurance and toughness! You, your family and friends will get to see just what kind of grit you're really made of!

The Savannah Grit 175k stage race will consist of:


Registration is open to solo runners and teams!

This is how the race works…


The Swagging:

In all, we will potentially give out:

white hats: 32
yellow hats: 8
blue hats: 8
black hats: 4
pink hats: 2
The performance running hats will have the Savannah Grit 175k name and logo embroidered on it. The coveted pink hats will be the hardest hats to win and, truthfully, no one may ever win one!

This link leads to a google docs presentation explaining the Grit well:

An interesting aspect of this race is that a runner doesn't have to win (male or female) every nor any stage and yet can still win the race overall. Winning this race ultimately comes down to running a very smart race. In the end, the male and female runner that wins will be the one with the lowest cumulative time of all 4 stages.

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