The DFL 12to12 Ultra

A new ultra running event has come to Savannah! The DFL 12to12 is a six and twelve hour running event happening Saturday, June 10rd, 2017 at the Roberd’s Dairy Farm.  The run begins at 12:00 pm and ends at 12:00 am.


Runners will follow a 2 mile course through fire roads, open marsh and a single track trail through the woods.  Being in the Lowcountry, expect minimal elevation gains (if any).


One thing is for certain as you run through the Dairy Farm is that you will experience the natural magic of the place.  It is a beautiful place teeming with wildlife, huge beautiful moss draped live oaks, magestic marshes and relics of a bygone era when the dairy was a functional farm.

Today, the Roberd’s Dairy Farm is one of the largest tracts of undeveloped green space in the Savannah/Thunderbolt proper.  The Dairy houses therapy horses for disabled people to experience the love of animals in nature.

The wildlife that call the Dairy Farm home are grey and red foxes, box turtles, snapping turtles, mud turtles, armadillos, marsh rabbits, opossums, raccoons, alligators, wood storks, barn owls, fiddler crabs by the millions, red tail hawks, MOSQUITOES…



We’re giving out three of these Black Diamond Storm headlamps. The top male and female of the 12 hour race will each get one of these. The other one will be raffled off to the registered runners


The top male and female of the 6 hour race will each get one of these Orange Mud transition towels. An extra one will be given out randomly to a registered runner












The top 3 male and females for the six and twelve hour races will be recognized and awarded slick customized plaques.

All runners will receive finisher awards and certificates stating their race and total distance run.

Race location: Roberd’s dairy farm, 5000 Tennessee Ave, Savannah, Ga. 31404



  • Expect the race day to be warm and muggy.
  • Did I mention that mosquitoes will be abundant?  I promise you there will be more than enough of these little devils to go around for everyone.  Because of that, DEET will freely flow.
  • Parts of the course may get damp as the tide comes in but the course will not flood.


  • One aid station will provide gels, fruit, heed, gatorade, water, pickles, nuts and more.


  • portable toilets
  • outdoor showers
  • tent space for runners

Proceeds of this run will go to the widows and orphans of Alderaan.

This is a green event meaning that we do not supply cups.  So, please bring a bottle or a cup with your name on it.  We also recycle as much as we can and will have buckets for recyclables, landfill, composting.

The Roberd’s Dairy Farm is dog friendly.  So, pack the kids, bring the dogs and enjoy a day of running in sweltering, beautiful coastal Georgia! 🙂

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