The DFL 24 Hour Ultra


Below is some pretty important information regarding the race.  Please read through it all and let me know if you still have any questions.

The DFL 24 Hour Ultra is a 24 hour running event offering the following time races: 3 hour, 6 hour, 12 hour, 24 hour, -12 hour relay and 24 hour relay.  The running course of this event is an unpaved 2.02 miles of trails that take runners alongside marshes, through forests and pastures. The location of this event is in one of the largest tracts of green space in the greater Savannah area known locally as the Roberd’s Dairy Farm, adjacent to Bonaventure Cemetery.

The race begins at 9:00 am on Earth Day, April 21, 2018.  It ends at 9:00 am the next day.

The key to this type of race is for runners to run as many miles as they can in the timed race they registered for – 3 hr, 6 hr, 12 hr, 24 hr and relays.  The top three male and female runners of each timed race are recognized and awarded trophies.  Each runner that runs the entirety of their registered for race gets a finisher’s 4” medals of the race logo, ribbon with their name, race and mileage and, an emailed certificate after the race.

This race is part of the Rough Runners Trail Series worth a maximum of 30 points.

Race location: Roberd’s dairy farm, 5000 Tennessee Ave, Savannah, Ga. 31404

Race Date: April 21, 2018

Packet Pick up: April 20, 2018 starting at 6:00 pm at race location. You may camp out the night before the race (April 20th).

Races offered: 3 hour, 6 hour, 12 hour, 24 hour, – 12 and 24 hour relays.

Race start: 9:00 am. 3 and 6 hour runners may start at 9am or at 6pm.

Race end: 9:00 am, April 22nd.

Relay teams are comprised of up 6 runners.

Awards ceremony:

9:30 am, Sunday, all races.

Drop downs to lower races will be allowed until 9:00 pm, Thursday, April 19th!

If you choose to drop down on race day you will be allowed to run but will be counted as DNF! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Setting up Camp
Camping allowed from April 20-22. There is plenty of tent real estate available but come early for the prime spots. You may crash at the DF Saturday night after your run and leave Sunday morning.  Make-shift showers will be available on location but water is not heated.



Runners will follow a 2 mile course through fire roads, open marsh and a single track trail through the woods.  Being in the Lowcountry, expect minimal elevation gains (if any). The forest section of the course has roots so be careful when running during the dark.  The course will be marked with red blazes on trees and red surveyor flags on the ground.

The course is clearly marked with surveyor red flags, ribbon tape and arrows pointing the way.




Above are the trophies for the top males and females of each race!
Trophies will be handed for the top 3 males and females of each race plus ribbons and patches and certificates. The 24 hour trophy will be added soon.


Swag: every registered runner will get a race shirt along with a couple of items from Hammer Nutrition.

Awards: Every finisher of each race will get a 4” medal, a black ribbon with the runners name, race and mileage run. All finishers will also receive a .pdf Finisher’s certificate with their race stats emailed.

Trophies are awarded to the top three males and females of each timed race (3 hr, 6 hr, 12 hr, 24 hr, 12 hr relays, 24 hr relays).

All 24 hour runners that reach the 100 mile mark will receive a 4″ belt buckle.

The male and female with the highest mileage in the 24 hour period will each get a signet ring and a trophy. The ring will be fitted for the runner and engraved with their total mileage.

If no one reaches the 100 mile mark in 24 hours buckles nor signet rings will be awarded.


Race location: Roberd’s dairy farm, 5000 Tennessee Ave, Savannah, Ga. 31404


Race expectations: The forested section of the course has a heavy canopy of growth…that will provide some comfort from the sun.  The marsh and pasture area of the course is fully exposed to the sun.  The course (especially in the forested area) is rocky in parts and rooty as well.

Weather: The average temperature for the month of July is 77* F high and 52* F for lows.  Saying that, though, the temps could easily reach the upper 80s in April. 

Unless there are tornadoes and severe thunderstorms, this race will go on!  If we are rained out we will do what we can to reschedule and invite all registered runners back but we may have to charge a nominal fee for rescheduling as we have had to pay a significant amount of money for holding the event at the DF and for food that may spoil, lost work, trail maintenance, etc.


Tony’s Johns toilet.

Phone: 912.355.8228.

Shower head fixed to one of the poles stuck in the ground where the parking is. You may use it to cool down as you run your loops.

One Aid station will provide: water, heed, gatorade, ice, hammer gels, pickles, chips, pretzels, almonds, olives, carrots, grilled chicken tacos with lettuce, onions.

We do NOT provide cups! Bring your own cups and handhelds!  You may leave your cup at the aid station with your name on it and we’ll gladly refill it upon request.


We try to be as green as possible!  Please put recyclable items in the recycle bags we have available and landfill trash in it’s proper trash bags.


Snake sightings are rare at the DF but there are lots and lots of fiddler crabs in sections.  If at all possible, try to avoid stepping on them.  

Box turtles are common on Gypsy’s trail through the woods.  Photograph them, move them off the trail but please do not take them home with you as pets.

There are lots of raccoons, possums, foxes, squirrels, hawks and owls at the DF. You may see many of these critters in the late evening.


There are horses at the DF. Take pictures of them, ooh and awww them but respect their space and enclosure.

Rules are easy

Follow the course.  Stay on it.  A short cut is called cheating and will not be tolerated.  We are expecting all runners to be race marshals.  Keep each other honest!  If, you are caught cheating or reported to have cheated you will be confronted and if we get enough information to verify you cheated no awards or prizes will be awarded to you, you will also be erased from the results and your reputation will be tarnished.  Also, you will never be welcomed at a Rough Runners event again.

We know that 99% of runners do not cheat because they have integrity but that bad apple, will be pointed out.  Don’t be that bad apple!

No littering! If you purposely litter you will be DNF’d and asked to leave.

Rough Runners is a three man team: Brian Garvin, Jason Edenfield, Dan Hernandez.

Our goal is to give you the best running race experience we can in one of the most beautiful natural settings in Savannah.  Our races are not designed to break you but they are challenging enough so that you will have to dig deep and tap into your inner-strong, harness it and bring it home.

You will make yourself proud when you cross the finish line.  And, we’ll be there to celebrate your achievement!

Thanks for choosing to run with us!

See you at the race!

Rough Runners Crew.





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