The Rough Runners 91 Day Challenge


The Rough Runners

In honor of our 26th president, Teddy Roosevelt, one of the greatest president’s this country has produced we are forming the Rough Runners, a tribute to the Rough Riders.  Being the first conservationist president, an avid outdoorsmen and certified badass, we will take that queue in promoting the creation and conservation of trails and green spaces in our urban areas.  At the same time, we promote good health, strong bodies through challenging exercise regiments that push our bodies and minds to greater athletic endeavors and adventurous outdoor challenges.

Our workouts take place mostly outdoors in city parks, state parks, rural areas, beaches, wildlife preserves…you name it!  If the space is there and it’s legal, we’ll run it, climb it, swim it, row through it! We run and train in the heat or cold.  It’s raining? Pfff. We still run.

Purpose of the Rough Runners:

  • To challenge oneself physically, mentally, to push beyond barriers we thought not possible, having fun doing it.
  • To achieve a level of health and fitness and maintain it as a lifestyle.
  • To promote healthy living, clean healthy environments we live and play in.
  • To think beyond ourselves as we strive to better ourselves physically and mentally.  To look within our communities and offer a helping hand up without judgment but with love and compassion.

Support one another

  • We train together or apart but, when together, we encourage one another, helping one another in overcoming obstacles and reaching goals.
  • Sometimes, though, geography and time constraints keep us from training together.  In those cases, communicate with one another via social networks for support.  If you want, start a workout group in your town or neighborhood.  We’re stronger in numbers.

Rough Runners are

  • The Rough Runners are an exclusive group of athletic, adventurous folks.  We use the word “exclusive” in a very non-elitist way.  Point in fact, there is nothing elitist about us. We are simply a group of people with strong passions for nature, for being fitter, stronger, better humans. 
  • We appreciate that we have to earn our right to call ourselves the Rough Runners.  We cannot buy our way into it.  We are an adventurous bunch that want to make a positive difference in ourselves and our communities. 
  • We like to get dirty, earning our badges of honor such as scrapes and bruises and bloody knees along the way.

The Challenge

The challenge begins September 1, 2016 and ends at 12:00 pm on December 2, 2016.

The challenge runs for 91 days.  In those 91 days, you challenge yourself to complete a number of miles and repetitions.  You are also encouraged to think about your diet before you take on the challenge.  There is this perpetual myth that we exercise so that we can eat what we want.  That works when your 15 years old or 28 years old but not when you get into your thirties and forties and beyond that.  If you’re serious about your health and fitness then, an approach on your diet goes hand in hand with an exercise regiment. 

You aspire to complete the following in 91 consecutive days to be in the Rough Runners…

  1. ____ Run at least 303.1 miles. Substitutes: Biking, Swimming, Rowing
  2. ____ Run 13.1 miles of stairs.
  3. ____ Run 13.1 miles with a tire dragged behind you  
  4. ____ Do at least 2100 lunges (per leg). You may substitute lunges for squats or split squats for the same amount of reps.
  5. ____ Do  3001 push ups.
  6. ____ Do 3000 mountain climbers (per leg). You may substitute MC’s with bicycle kicks keeping the same amount of reps.
  7. ____ 200 minutes of planks.
  8. ____ Complete a total 3.1 hours of trash clean up somewhere in the Savannah area or where you live. Provide proof of your clean up with pictures.
  9. ____ Contribute one pair of new socks and one pair of new or lightly used shoes to someone in need or to the local homeless shelter…because being a Rough Runner is also about making positive impacts in our lives and within our community.  Must have proof of donation (picture or receipt).

That’s it!  What’s mentioned above is all that you have to do to complete the 91 day challenge!

It may seem like a lot but really if you break it down per day it’s a very doable goal to meet.

  • 303 miles / 91 days = 3.33 miles per day
  • 2100 lunges per leg / 91 days = 23 lunges per leg per day
  • 3001 pushups / 91 days = 33 push ups per day
  • 3000 mountain climbers / 91 days = 33 mc’s per day
  • 200 minutes of planks / 91 = 2:20 minutes of planks per day

We encourage groups to meet regularly at least twice a week with exercise regiments lasting no more than an hour each meeting day.  In that hour you would be surprised how many of the aforementioned exercises and repetitions can be done if you focus on cranking out reps and minimizing rest breaks in between exercises and reps.   We call these hour long workouts, the hour of pain.  Personally, I allow myself no more than a 20 second rest in between exercises.

PS: Not all mileage is counted the same!  Bike miles and rowing miles do not count the same as running or swimming miles!

Mile substitutes:
You can substitute your running miles with miles earned biking, rowing or swimming but most of these miles do not carry the same weight as running miles.
Mileage substitute breakdown is listed below:
1 biking mile is equivalent to .3334 running mile
1 rowing mile is equivalent to .3334 running mile
1 swimming mile is equivalent to 1 running mile

example: 10 biking miles = 10 x .3334=3.334 miles – got it?


Aside from the exercises listed above there are what we call “electives”.  Electives are not prerequisites to the 91 day challenge but add to the overall fitness aspect.

The following exercises are electives:

  • inch worm
  • battle ropes
  • pull ups
  • burpees
  • bar dips
  • kettle bell swings
  • crunches

The Bully Program

In honor of Teddy Roosevelt’s favorite phrase, “Bully for you!” we are doing “Bullys” for weekly accomplishments during the challenge.  Bullys are punisher style skulls you earn if you lead in any exercise aforementioned by the end of each week.  This includes electives.  The bullys purpose is to add a little bit of fun competition with one another.  At the end of each Sunday (6:00 pm), who ever has accumulated more mileage or repetitions in any of the exercises mentioned gets a “bully”. 


this is a bully







If you’re the competitive type, work hard to earn as many bully’s as possible.  At the end, the bully’s are simply fun bragging rights.

We’ll keep a leaderboard updated weekly at this site:

Gear needed

Aside from typical running attire what you will need for the challenge is access to a harness and an old car tire.  If you’re in Savannah you’re in luck because we have three to four harness available that we can lend out.  If you are able to show up to the local workouts we’ll always have harnesses and tires available.  If you’re out of town or just want your own harness and tire the costs of harnesses ranges from $30 and goes on up past $100.  There are harnesses that offer waist support and others that offer waist and shoulder support or just shoulder support (straps).  Personally, I prefer a climbing harness which is looks like an odd looking weigh lifting with hoops.  You tie the rope around the back of the belt and have the tire on a rope with a distance of at least 10 feet from you.

Here is a google shopping link for harnesses.  Don’t spend a lot of money on a harness as there is no need to.  As long as the harness is durable it’ll work for this: google harness shopping link.

Here is a link to a simple climbing harness that will meet all of your needs for tire running.  This harness is roughly $40: climbing harness link.

Rough Runner Dogs

If you have a dog we encourage you to involve your fur baby in the challenge.  Two pages of the challenge log book are set aside for recording your walking and running distances with your pooch.  Why should you alone have the fun, eh?  Get the pup involved!

And yes, dogs can earn “bullys”! 🙂

Is there a cost for the 91 Day Rough Runners Challenge?

  • No.

If you want a shirt, Nalgene bottle or be a part of the point system then yes, there is a cost for that but not for the challenge itself.  We want to all reach our fitness and health goals.  There should not be a cost on that, we believe.  But, you do have to pay for merchandise, if you want any.


Rough Runners shirt

Rough Runners shirt

Rough Runners Nalgene Bottle

Rough Runners Nalgene Bottle











The cost breakdown (if you decide to purchase a shirt, bottle or enter the points challenge):

  • Shirts $25.00
  • Nalgene bottle with Rough Runners sticker: $16.00
  • Rough Runners 4″ car decals are $6 each.
  • Points challenge entry: $30
  • You may pay either by check or digitally.  Digitally, please paypal to  By check, please make check payable to Run 4 a Reason and mail to 2149 Tennessee Ave, Savannah, Ga. 31404.

Points Challenge breakdown:

  • You accumulate points for mileage run whether with or without a tire or, running up and down stairs.
  • You earn points by doing certain number of repetitions of exercises (whether electives or prerequisites).
  • You earn points by volunteering at races, hospice, shelters, food shelters, etc.
  • You earn points by entering races and completing them.

What do you get with the points you earn?

  • Purchasing power! Points are like sky dollars.

Here is what you can get with your earned points:

  • Rough Runner Nalgene Bottle: 175 points
  • $25 Fleet Feet Gift card: 135 points
  • $25 Georgia Game Changers Gift card: 135 points
  • handheld water bottle: 100 points
  • Rough Runners car sticker: 40 points
  • Rough Runners shirt: 200 points
  • RR plaque: 40 pts
  • old unused Run 4 a Reason race shirts: 50 pts
  • Hammer salt tab holder: 35 pts
  • Hammer gels: 15 pts
  • Endurolyte bottle: 50 pt

The Points!

Points for Running races:
5k: 1
10k: 2   
13.1m: 4
25k: 4.5
26.2m: 6
50k: 6.5
50m: 8
100m: 10

7 pts every 50 miles
10 pts every 50 after 303 miles
1,000 miles: 100 pts

every 100 miles: 5 pts
every 100 miles after 500: 6 pts
3,000 miles: 100 pts

5 pts every 20,000 meters
1,000,000 meters: 100 points

every 5,000 meters: 8 pts
1,000,000 meters: 100 pts

Battle rope:
every 15 minutes: 2 pts

Trash clean up: 2 per hr
Sock donation: 5 per pair
Shoe donation: 10 per pair
Race volunteer: 1.5 per hr
Volunteer at hospice, shelter, soup kitchen: 5 per hour

Lunges (per leg):
2 pt every 100

2 pt every 100

Push ups:
2 pt every 100

Mountain climbers:
2 pt every 100

inch worm:
1 pt every 30

bicycle kick:
2 pt every 100

4 pts every 50 minutes

Pull ups: 2.5 pt every 50
burpees: 2.5 pts every 100
bar dips: 2.5 pt every 100
kettle bell: 2.5 pt every 100
crunch: 2 pt every 100

Walk & run with dog:
every 5 miles: 0.5 pts

When you start the program you will get a free log book to update your progress.  The log book is personalized and a great motivator.  Keep it up to date!

It is not mandatory to attend the group exercise sessions but the group setting does help in accountability and motivating you to power thru these tough workouts. If you cannot make the training sessions find a buddy in your neck of the woods and get out there and do the training together!

PS: Completing the Rough Runners requirements is on the honor system.  If you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself. The more you put into it the better results you will get out of it.

Keep your log book up to date! It is your proof of your commitment to a stronger, fitter you!



  • distance measurements are done in miles.
  • not all miles are counted the same in the Rough Runners challenges.  Biking, rowing, SUP miles only count as 0.334 miles.  Running and swimming miles are counted as 1 mile = 1 mile.  For example: say you bike, row or sup 5 miles.  Multiply 5 miles by 0.334. That yields: 1.67 miles.  That 1.67 miles is what counts toward the required 303 miles for this challenge.  Fair or unfair, that’s how it’s done for this challenge.
  • battle ropes are measured in minutes, just as the planks are measured in minutes.
  • 1 dog running mile counts as a running mile toward your required 303 miles.  I mean, if you are running with your dog, it should count not just your dog’s running mileage but your own running mileage.
  • dog walks or general walks do not count toward your required 303 miles.
  • counting mountain climbers, you must do 3000 per leg.  so, left and right mtn climber reps = 1 toward the 3000 total you must have completed in 91 days.  The same goes for lunges and bicycle kicks.
  • bully’s are awarded per weekly to the person(s) that do the highest number of reps each week, that run, bike, swim, row the longest each week.  Bully’s are not award to the person(s) that have the highest cumulative miles or reps overall. example: if you do 50 lunges in one week and everyone else only does 20 you get a bully for lunges even if say, Gabi, has a grand total of 500 lunges accumulated so far.
  • Converting stairs into miles to see how far you are climbing.
    Step 1
    Count the number of steps your are climbing and multiply it by 17, which is the standard number of inches for most steps. This is number if inches you are climbing.

    Step 2
    Convert miles into inches. One mile is equal to 63,360 inches.

    Step 3
    Compare the number of inches of stairs you have climbed to the inches in a mile to see how far you have climbed.

















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